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Fall Intensives 2013

| Fall Semester | 

October 14-18 -- STM/DMin -- Discerning a Direction Toward Renewal (Dr. Bob Hughes/Rev. John Herman)

There are no magic formulas for transforming congregations.  In this course, a professor and parish pastor team up to examine and critique multiple 21st century approaches to renewal.  Participants will have the guided opportunity to assess their own leadership styles and skills, as well as the strengths and challenges of particular mission contexts, in order to develop a suitable strategic plan for their own congregations.

October 14-18 -- STM/DMin -- Reading the Bible with Luther (Dr. Timothy J. Wengert)

Martin Luther's theology was one and the same as his approach to Scripture.  Students will have the opportunity to examine Luther's approach to Scripture's authority, its effect, its foolishness, its center and its implications for life and ministry.

Fall 2013

| Fall Intensive | DMin/STM | STM/PhD | PhD |

PhD Public Theology Seminar (Dr. Katie Day)

This integrative seminar will relate theological discourse to the public arena.  The public aspect of the various disciplines— history, Bible, theology, ministry — will be related to issues arising from the analysis of the contemporary public situation.  The 2013 course will focus on the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

NOTE CHANGE: STM/PhD -- The Heritage of Reformation Hermeneutics (Dr. Erik M. Heen)

An examination of biblical theologies of churches that are heirs of the Reformation through various pre-modern, modern, and post-modern configurations. Attention will be given to larger shifts in scientific, academic, and popular culture on the understanding of the nature and role of Scripture in the theological enterprise. The rise of higher criticism and its effect upon the discipline of biblical theology as well as possibilities for a re-configuration of the role of biblical studies for the public work of the church in the twenty-first century will be assessed.

STM/DMin –Heresies and Orthodoxies: From the 1st to the 21st Centuries (Dr. Walter Wagner)
What is heresy? Is orthodoxy the successful heresy? Who decides what is orthodox or heretical? Are "heresies" the voices of repressed believers? Are there limits to doctrinal freedom and freedom of expression even within a congregation? Do ecumenical and interfaith impact understandings of orthodoxy and heresy? Do these considerations relate to the roles of pastors and church educators? The course will study key persons, movements, ideas and events from the New Testament to the present for ministry now.

STM/DMin -- Contemporary Medical Bioethics: An Exploration through Film and Fiction -- (Dr. Flo Gelo)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP Moodle Site.) 

The increase and complexity of science and medical technologies presents individuals with new challenges and unprecedented choices. This course will examine how to incorporate pastoral care and counseling for patients and their families confronting difficult ethical issues in this emerging health care environment.  Through the use of popular films and works of fiction, this course will address the following Bioethical topics: assisted reproductive technologies, genetic testing and engineering, organ transplantation, rationing of health care, death and dying, the meaning and application of "quality of life" to all of these topics.

NEW COURSE STM/DMin -- Catechism as Platform: Teaching the Catechism in a Digital Age - (Dr. Martin Lohrmann/Pr. Keith Anderson)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP Moodle Site.)

Luther's catechisms were written to invite parents, youth, teachers and pastors into a way of life built upon the good news of Christ crucified and risen for us. In 21st century terms, his catechisms were more like a "platform" than a "page." This course will study Luther's Large and Small Catechisms, with an eye on the many ways they continue to inform faith, worship, prayer and daily life.  At the same time there will be a focus on developing fluency in today's digital technology, learning to communicate Luther's "platform of faith" through various social media resources. The course assumes that the catechisms are assets for public theology, sharing the faith both inside and outside our churches.

LTSP is currently in the middle of a MDiv/MAR curriculum revision to be implemented in 2013-2014.  This may impact the availability of faculty for various graduate course offerings.  We will update this page as we are able throughout this process.  Please check back regularly.


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