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January 2015 Intensives

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January 5-9 DMin – Spirituality, Prayer, Social Engagement: Texts, Contexts, and Critical Reflection (Dr. Eileen Flanagan,  Neumann University)

This course will investigate the spirituality of teachers from the Medieval and Reformed Christian traditions, such as Francis and Clare of Assisi, Bonaventure, Ignatius of Loyola, Martin Luther, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal, and John Calvin.  We will explore the implications for one's prayer life and social engagement that arise from critical reflection on the teaching and experiences of these models, mentors, and sources of wisdom. 

 January 12-16 STM/DMin – Death and Dying (Dr. Flo Gelo, Drexel University)

This course will study and discuss the medical, psychological, emotional, social, ethical, spiritual and cultural aspects of death, dying and bereavement.  Students will reflect on their personal history of loss as a source and foundation for understanding human life, and examine the moral and theological framework that informs their pastoral response to illness, suffering and dying.

Course Cancelled: January 20-23 STM/DMin -- Environmental History of Christianity (Dr. Gil Waldkoenig, LTSG)

Landscapes and nature have been an important part of the long history of Christianity.  However, most accounts have given little attention to the role of the environment, emphasizing human events exclusively. This course will re-read episodes in the history of Christianity through eco-theological perspectives, seeking precedents and inspiration for the church’s contemporary response to environmental issues in its ministries, teachings and presence in society. It is a course that moves from history to ethical applications.

NOTE DATE CHANGE: January 20-23 STM/DMin – DMin Collegial Seminar (Dr. David D. Grafton)

A Seminar for DMin Students which provides for collegial conversations around problems and issues in ministry based upon case studies, including the role of public theology and ministry. (Recommended for all DMin students.)

Note: Due to the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday, there will be no class on Monday, 19 January.  Contact hours will be covered through distance education components.

Spring 2015

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PhD Teaching Public Theology Seminar (Dr. David D. Grafton, et al)

A non-credit requirement for all PhD Students. This year-long seminar will explore the continual reflective practice of teaching, pedagogical methods, assessment, and the art of teaching. 

PhD seminar – Scriptural Theology Seminar (Dr. Robert Robinson)

Describing writings as scripture signifies a special status and function for those works within communities of faith.  This course will examine the historical development of doctrines of scripture, the various ways in which the authority of scriptural writings has been understood, the implications of scriptural status for strategies of interpretation, and the relationship between the authority of the scripture within a community of faith and within the larger realm of public discourse.  Primary focus will be on the biblical tradition, but other scriptural traditions will be considered as well. 

PhD/STM seminar Trinitarian Theology (Dr. John Hoffmeyer)

An examination of the classical development and contemporary revitalization of the doctrine of the Trinity, with an emphasis on using the doctrine of the Trinity as a lens for focusing theological and ethical reflection in church and world today.

PhD/STM seminar -- Research Methods (Dr. M. Sebastian)

A thorough examination of the variety of research methodologies available for STM theses and PhD dissertations in scriptural/theological/historical/social-ethical disciplines.  Special attention will be given to the actual theses and dissertations being proposed by the participants.

STM/DMin – TBA  

STM/DMin – Ritual Care in Times of Transition and Crisis (Dr. Elaine Ramshaw)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP Moodle Site.) 

This course will examine how pastoral concerns can help shape our ritual approach at times of transition and crisis in people’s lives. We’ll look at the traditional Christian rituals occasioned by sickness, marriage and death/bereavement, and also at the developing of rituals for other occasions, such as miscarriage/stillbirth, divorce, marriages that form stepfamilies, adoption, or the move into a nursing home.

STM/DMin – Book of Faith: Print, Politics, Public Event (Dr. Karl Krueger)

June Term 2015


June 1-5 STM/DMin – Exegetical Options for the Preacher (Dr. Shauna K. Hannan, LTSS-LRU)

This course will explore methods for exegeting the biblical text for preaching. Through seminar discussion, lectures, writing assignments, and the preparation and preaching of a sermon, students will participate in and evaluate the exegetical options. Emphasis will be placed on faithfully and creatively attending to the text. Students will develop and propose their own exegetical method for preaching which is theologically sound, biblically faithful, and manageable for weekly preaching.  

June 8-12 STM/DMin – Luther's Devotional Writings (Dr. Gordon Jensen, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Saskatoon)

The emphasis on Luther as the reformer, theologian and academic sometimes overshadows his cherished role as pastor. This course explores the pastoral side of Luther, based on his devotional writings. In these writings, Luther offers pastoral words and easy to understand expressions of evangelical piety. His reflections deal with prayer, the consolation of those who suffer, the Sacrament of the Altar, how to prepare for death, how to deal with temptations, and even what the role of a pastor is in times of crises in a community. 

 June 15-19 – DMin Colloquia I & II  (Dr. David D. Grafton)

Colloquium I introduces students to the DMin program and advanced level study in a peer learning environment, while Colloquium II prepares students for their DMin Project.  Both Colloquia are offered concurrently.  


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