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October 13-17 -- STM/DMin -- Postmodern Culture and the Emerging Church (Dr. Karyn Wiseman)

This course explores the relationships between postmodern culture and the emerging church movement as it relates to worship, preaching, leadership, evangelism, and ministry in the 21st century.  Ways that our churches can learn from these topics will be examined.

October 13-17 -- STM/DMin -- Black Church and Theological Traditions in American Democracy  (Dr. Frederick L. Ware - Howard University)

This course is a study of Black church and theological traditions on the nature of democracy, the meanings of freedom, equality, community, justice, representation and dissent within American public life  The course identifies the social gospel, millennialism, and beloved community as concepts that have contributed to the formation of these Black church and theological traditions about the role of Christians in the public arena.  The overarching question that unifies the treatment of these concepts is: What does (or should) a vibrant, relevant religion (especially Black Christian faith) look like in the 21st Century, in the unique set of opportunities and challenges posed by the current state of democracy in the United States?

2014 LUTHER COLLOQUY at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (links to LTSG site)

Fall 2014

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PhD Teaching Public Theology Seminar (Dr. David D. Grafton, et al)

A non-credit requirement for all PhD Students. This year-long seminar will explore the continual reflective practice of teaching, pedagogical methods, assessment, and the art of teaching.

PhD Seminar---Theologies of Liberation (Dr. Nelson Rivera)

Theologies of liberation engage with, and respond to, the state of the poor and faithful in a global context. Since their insertion in the late 1960s, these theologies have continued a wealth of theoretical and practical reflection upon the primary need for orthopraxis over traditional orthodoxies, while responding to the many and dire challenges to the poor and marginal in a variety of geographical and socio-cultural contexts. Thus given the diversification of liberation epistemologies, this course attempts to address various theologies of liberation in their historical as well as present evolution. 

PhD/STM seminar – Religion and Social Change (Dr. Katie Day)

This seminar will focus on the role of religion within social movement theory. An analytical examination of various social movements will explore how faith functions to either facilitate or inhibit social mobilization at all levels, from congregations to global communions. What then are the implications for our theological understanding of both Church and Spirit?

PhD/STM seminar - Theology of the Cross: The New Testament and Beyond (Dr. Erik Heen)

Luther’s contrast of a “theologian of the cross” with “ a theologian of glory” gave impetus to a trajectory often referred to as a “theology of the cross.”  The course explores the relationship of this tradition to Scripture by means of close readings of New Testament texts set in dialogue with Reformation and post-Reformation readings that have acknowledged the cross to be revelatory of God.  It identifies pastoral and hermeneutical resources for the contemporary church that emerge out of foundational (New Testament) and later articulations of “the theology of the cross.”  


STM/DMin -- Spiritual Leadership for Missional Communities (Dr. David Daubert - The Renewing Church Project)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP Moodle Site.) 
Research shows that while less people are connected to religious life in the North America than ever before, the desire for spirituality remains high. In addition, studies repeatedly demonstrate that the church that renews organizationally without grounding its work spiritually is almost always doomed to fail. This course will look at leadership that is missionally assertive and spiritually rooted with specific attention to leadership practices in the church. Attention will be given to missional discernment; effective outreach with unchurched people; discerning God’s activity in a given context; vision and planning that is spiritually centered; missional preaching and teaching; and other key issues effective church leaders face in transforming the church for mission in the 21st century.
STM/DMin – Book of Faith: Print, Politics, Public Event (Dr. Karl Krueger)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP Moodle Site.) 

A study of the complex and turbulent history of the printed Bible from the invention of moveable type (1453) to the present. Topics covered include the sociology of reading, book production, editorship, book and page format, paratexts, illustrations, censorship, distribution and impact on the public sphere at a time of publication.  The course will utilize the rich holdings of the Rare Book Room of the Krauth Memorial Library in a digital format.

This course was moved from Spring 2015.



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