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Dedication of Bornemann Harpsichord February 17

The Bornemann Harpsichord

On Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 11:30 am, Dr. Michael Krentz will present a dedicatory concert celebrating the rebuilding of the seminary’s harpsichord. Dr. Krentz is Lecturer and Director of Music Ministries/Seminary Cantor at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Assisting Dr. Krentz will be members of the LTSP community, including students Lisa Helmel Thomas, Linnea Clark, Lorraine Cotter, and Anne Heisig, and staff member Merri Bender Brown. The Rev. Dr. Robert Robinson will also make some remarks.

Professor Robert Bornemann

Professor Robert Bornemann

The seminary’s harpsichord was built in 1970 by the Rev. Dr. Robert Bornemann, professor of Old Testament and Director of the Seminary Choir. His family has given the harpsichord to LTSP, and provided a generous gift toward the instrument’s rebuilding. Willard Martin of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania completed the rebuilding work in late 2014.

Music on the program will include works for harpsichord, soprano, flute, and violin (in various combinations), by George Frideric Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean Philippe Rameau, and Georg Philipp Telemann.

The special convocation will be held in the Shaeffer-Ashmead Chapel on the seminary campus, 7301 Germantown Avenue in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. All are welcome to attend.

Dr. Krentz talked about the harpsichord in a story in January’s PS Portions.

Download a flyer about the dedication (pdf).

2 thoughts on “Dedication of Bornemann Harpsichord February 17

  1. Harold Weiss '55 says:

    Mary Anne and I look forward to being present.

  2. Bruce Davidson says:

    Many thanks to the Bornemann family for this generous gift and wonderful remembrance of Dr. B! I was a first year student at LTSP when Dr. Bornemann finished the harpsichord. I had never seen one “in action”, and I remember his explanation of how it works, with strings that were “plucked” not struck. Barton Henderson, another member of the class of 1974, painted the design on the sounding board: something that resembled a “celtic knot”, I believe. Barry was also known for cartoons published in the student newspaper of faculty and classmates: including one of Dr. Tappert in full Eucharistic vestments…

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