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Donor Profile: William Fluck

The Rev. William A. Fluck, ’58: “Best Three Years of my Life!”


The Rev. William A. Fluck, '58“The three best years of my life were my attendance at LTSP!” proclaimed the Rev. William A. Fluck, sharing a kind smile. “I found the intellectual rigor tremendously invigorating.” Pastor Fluck has been giving faithfully and generously to the seminary over many years for these reasons, and also because, “I feel the seminary is really the root of the church. I’ve had a positive experience along the way. I attribute that to my training.”

Pr. William A. Fluck, BD ’58, is now a retired ELCA pastor residing at the Lutheran Community at Telford. He grew up in the faith-based atmosphere at Trinity Lutheran Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, where he had self-described church “leanings.” His parents were very supportive, and he was inspired by his maternal grandmother, who modeled a “constant stream of observations about humanity” which he has carried with him in his ministry and personal life. He feels strongly that, “In terms of preaching the Gospel, you have to have a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other. You have to be reverent and relevant, and focus on people and their needs.”

With all his support and inspiration, Pr. Fluck still wasn’t sure if, upon graduating from Muhlenberg College, he would enter seminary. After a few months of discernment, and with the urging of LTSP’s president at the time, Dr. Henry Bagger, he decided to pursue his Bachelor of Divinity at LTSP. Upon graduation in 1958, he was called as an assistant pastor at Christ Lutheran Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, serving three-and-a-half years before being called as pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, in 1961. He recalled that the Rev. Dr. Robert Hughes, the seminary’s tenth president, was a member of St. John during that tenure. In 1975, he became pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, and remained there until 1996, when he retired from the full-time pastorate. Pr. Fluck went on to serve as visitation pastor at Augustus Lutheran Church, in Trappe, Pennsylvania, home of the oldest unchanged Lutheran church building in the United States in continuous use by the same congregation. He retired — again — in 2011 at age 80.

Caring for people has been a theme throughout his ministry. Pr. Fluck was active in many civic organizations such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and Diakon, where he served on the board of directors. He always felt one of his natural gifts was connecting with people, but also notes he has been “blessed with a great a passion for trains!”

Pr. Fluck and his beloved wife, Patricia, who died in 2004 after 46 years of marriage and shared in his concern for people, raised two adopted daughters, Katherine and Rebecca, who he sees as often as possible, along with his granddaughter, Elena, and grandson, Maxwell, whom he adores!

We are thankful for the gifts Pr. Fluck has brought to his ministry and has bestowed upon this institution all these years. We are grateful for his partnership, which will enable many students, now and in the future, pursue their dreams of public leadership for the sake of the Gospel for engagement in the world.

Join Pr. Fluck and other faithful donors who share in our goal of a Tuition-Free education for our seminarians. You can make your one-time or recurring gift online here.

2 thoughts on “Donor Profile: William Fluck

  1. Vince Dent says:

    Wonderful testimony!

  2. Mike Bodnyk says:

    I met Pastor Fluck for the first time this week at a Good Shepherd Home event. A fascinating man!! He resides at the Lutheran Home at TELFORD.

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