El Instituto de Teología y Pastoral [English]

El Instituto de Teología y Pastoral
of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

The church and your community need the best prepared leaders! Could you be one of them?

Many people who are hurting today have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. They are part of neighborhoods struggling to define their futures. Congregations in these communities face many challenges and celebrate the Good News of the Gospel in new and exciting ways. The good news is also that many openings exist for strong leaders who will support the Church in its ministry to touch the lives of people in culturally-diverse places throughout the United States. Could you be such a leader? If so, I look forward to working with you.

- The Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera

What does the Institute offer?

  • A Director (the Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera) who is culturally sensitive and who has a strong academic background
  • Faculty fluent in both Spanish and English
  • Classes in English and/or Spanish
  • More than a dozen students currently preparing for Spanish-language ministry
  • "Hispanic/Latino Ministry" concentration within the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) programs.


What does the seminary offer?

  • A new program, the Instituto de Teologia y Pastoral
  • A strong tradition of accredited teaching excellence
  • A diverse student body--38 percent persons of color/language
  • An ecumenical student body (21 denominations)
  • Generous financial aid

You can prepare for a ministry sensitive to the language, culture and theological heritage of Latino people.

You can chart a course for a career that will change your life and the lives of people you touch.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia is the place to start down this important road.


For further information, contact the Rev. Louise Johnson, Director of Admissions, at 1-800-286-4616, extension 6302 or the Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera, Director of the Instituto de Teología y Pastoral at 215-248-6376.

Spanish-language resources from the ELCA web site: