LTSP staff

Title/Position Phone
Kathie Afflerbach Director of Donor Services 215-248-6324
Sharon Baker Public Services Assistant, Krauth Memorial Library 215-248-6335
Kyle Barger Director of Information Systems 215-248-6325
Merri Bender Brown Director of Communications; Editor, PS Magazine 215-248-6323
Elizabeth Brunton, MDiv Director of Financial Aid 215-248-6301
René Diemer Registrar 215-248-6305
Diana Downey Administrative Assistant to the Dean 215-248-6306
Facilities Staff 215-248-7374
Rita Faison Hospitality and Property Coordinator, The Brossman Center 215-248-7339
Vincent D. Ferguson Chief of Safety and Security 215-248-4665, on campus7502
Jacqui Good Admissions Administrative Assistant 215-248-7302
Thomas Henderson Church Relations Director, Office for Philanthropy 215-248-6315
Robert Hensil User Support Technician 215-248-6387
Lisa C. Hutchinson Human Resources Director 215-248-6393
Chelle Huth Director, Theological Education with Youth 717-338-3038
Lyn Jackson Administrative Assistant for Contextual Education 215-248-6381
The Rev. Louise N. Johnson Vice President for Mission Advancement 215-248-7313
Don Johnson Vice President of Student Development 603.848.9904
Yvonne Jones Lembo Philanthropic Advisor, Office for Philanthropy 215-248-6318
Matthew O'Rear, MDiv Associate Director of Admissions 215-248-6304
Alice Popovic Administrative Assistant to the Graduate School 215-248-7384
The Rev. John V. Puotinen, CFRE Vice President for Philanthropy, Executive Director of the LTSP Foundation 215-248-7304
The Rev. Dr. Quintin L. Robertson Director of the Urban Theological Institute (UTI) 215-248-7324
The Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath Coordinator of Student Services 215-248-6312 or 215-967-1112
Carrie Schwab Administrative Assistant to the President 215-248-6309
Ron Townsend Acquisitions Assistant, Krauth Memorial Library 215-248-6334
Rachel ZImmermann Assistant Coordinator of Student Assessment / Faculty Assistant 215-248-7327/ 215-248-7382