The First Cookin' with Who? - 2011

Cookin' with Who?

Held Thursday, November 3, 2011

 For the benefit of these
Mt. Airy community non-profit institutions:

East Mount Airy Neighbors (EMAN),
Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTSP), and
Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (NIM)

Nine community "chefs" presented
their favorite recipes for tasting. 

The winning chef, awarded the soon to be coveted
“Mt. Airy Platinum Spatula,” was
Rabbi George Stern!

Meet the celebrity chefs from the first annual Cookin' with Who?:

East Mt. Airy Neighbors
The Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle

Glenn Bergman

Jonna Naylor

The Lutheran Theological Seminary
President Philip Krey

Prof. Timothy Wengert

Pastor Ann Colley

Neighborhood Interfaith Movement
Rabbi George Stern

Bessie Jordan-Byrd

Ronit Treatman