First Theological Programs Registration

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This is the registration page for students who have been formally admitted as LTSP students in the MDiv, MAR, MAPL, Special, Certificate, or Affiliated programs. If you have not been admitted to one of these programs, click here for the registration materials page and select the category for Nondegree, Continuing Education, and Audit students.

Registration for Summer Term 2014
Will Open Soon 

Deadline for on-time registration is Friday, May 23
$50 Late Registration Fee will be assessed for registrations submitted after this date 

A new course extension (incomplete) policy went into effect on January 1!! Click here to review the new policy, below.

What You Will Need:

  • Your log-in name and password for Henry, the online student information portal. Contact the LTSP Help Desk ( or 215-248-7385) if you need assistance with this. Note: Henry is also the place to confirm your registration, check your grades, and review and pay your bill. 
  • [Note: This does not apply to Summer Registration, but it will apply to Fall Registration.] A PIN from your academic advisor (PIN is new each semester). The intent is that you actually consult with your advisor concerning not only your registrations, but also your academic progress and vocational goals. Contact information for most faculty advisors is available at You can also contact the Faculty Assistant, Rachel Zimmermann, for help reaching your advisor.
  • Your updated degree audit, if you are in the MDiv, MAPL, or MAR degree programs. You should have received this from the Registrar's Office. If you are a new student, you will find blank degree audit forms on the Registrar home page.
  • 2013-14 Catalog Registration Supplement -- This document includes information on the new curriculum, options for meeting degree requirements in both old and new curricula (pp. 12-14), recommendations on course selection for first theological students at various stages of study (pp. 15-18), registration procedures, selected academic policies, information on concentrations and specializations, and tentative evening/weekend course chronologies.
  • Official Course Schedules - Refer to the published course schedule for a more complete overview of course options and what they entail than is available in Henry.

Henry will permit you to register only for courses that do NOT have a "G" suffix in the course ID (e.g., HCH235G, HTH804G), so make sure that is the version of the course you select.  [Courses with the "G" are intended for STM/DMin-level students. If you actually intend to register for a course at that level because you are a graduating senior taking the course toward a future STM degree, contact the registrar for assistance.]

What You Might Need:

Other Forms and Information

Other forms and materials, including MAR program information, concentration/specialization declaration forms, and requests for course extensions, are available on the Registrar's home page.

 Registration Notes:

Registration for most courses is through the Henry student web portalContact the LTSP Help Desk ( if you need assistance accessing the web portal. Contact the Registrar ( if you encounter problems relative to online registration (prerequisites not met, permissions required, etc.).

Note that independent studiescross-registration coursescontinuing education courses, and audits cannot be registered via Henry. Use the Special Course Registration Form for this purpose.

Credit by examination (test-out): A student who believes he/she has mastered the equivalent of a core or required coruses (e.g., through undergraduate or personal study) may consider seeking credit by examination. File a request with the appropriate instructor, using the Application for Credit by Examination on the registrar's home page. Guidelines for test-out are included on the application.

Courses with ID codes of 600 or higher are intended for STM/DMin students. Final-year MDiv/MAR seniors with cumulative GPAs of at least 3.5 and having both special need of the course and permission of the instructor may register for 600-level courses (look for the version without the "G" suffix) on a space-available basis. Total enrollment by first theological degree-level students in advanced-level courses is limited to not more than 20 percent of the total class enrollment.

Final-year students registering for advanced-level courses per above will be presumed by Henry to be taking the course toward the first theological degree. If it is your intent to take the course for STM-level credit, notify the registrar, so that you can be properly registered at the "G" level. (Note that courses taken for STM-level credit will be charged tuition at the advanced-level rate.)

Once the on-time registration deadline has passed, all new registrations will incur a$50 late registration fee. The late registration fee does not apply if you are simply adding a course to previously registered Summer classes. Late registration is possible until the late registration (drop/add deadline): generally, the first day of any Summer course.

After you submit your initial registration, you may change your registration at any time until the published late registration/drop/add deadline (see above). Changes may be made online via Henry or by sending an email to the Registrar. There is no fee for adding or changing courses, but a $20 cancellation fee will be assessed for dropping a course without adding another in its place.  

Dropping a course after the drop/add deadline is subject to the rules governing withdrawal.  If you need to withdraw from a course, you must submit notification in writing to the Registrar; any refunds for which you are eligible will be based upon the date of receipt by the Registrar of your written notification.  If you simply fail to attend or stop attending any course for which you are registered, the consequences will be your receiving a failing grade and being responsible for all course fees. In extreme circumstances (e.g., lengthy hospitalization), you may petition the Dean in writing for a late withdrawal to avoid receiving a failing grade; however, there can be no refund of any tuition or fees. 

New Course Extension Policy (Incompletes)  

At LTSP each instructor is entitled to formulate his/her own policy regarding whether or not extensions will be granted for outstanding coursework. However, for extensions longer than two weeks after the end of the term (which for Intensive courses is the final due date of course assignments), the student is to complete an “Extension Request” Form. Both instructor and student are to agree upon a reasonable new course completion date, ordinarily not to exceed three months beyond the end of the term, except in extreme circumstances when clear need is demonstrated. In no cases will coursework be accepted after more than a year has passed.

If you have a problem with the online materials, please contact Registration (