Henry - Faculty Access

Features Available to LTSP Instructors

To log in to Henry, you will need your username and password.  (Contact the Help Desk to get your password if you are unsure of it.)  The web address is https://henry.ltsp.edu (you can just click here).

Change Your Password

  •  Go to the General menu.
  • Click Change Password.

View Your Advisees

  • Go to the Records menu. 
  • Click on Students by Advisor.
  • Click the Get List button.
  • To see a student's schedule and grades, click the student's name (left column) and click Student Complete Schedule under the Records menu.

View Your Class Rosters

  • Go to the General menu and click Preferences.
  • Use the drop-down menus to select one of your courses.
  • Choose Class Roster from the Records menu.
  • You can use the Show and Hide links at the top of the listing to display or hide student photos.  You may also click the Display Selected Data Book button at the bottom for a listing of student photos with more detailed directory information.  (Boxes in the Data Book column can be checked or unchecked to give a customized listing of the class. Clicking an individual name in the left column of the listing will display information for that student.)