Henry - Student Access

Features Available to LTSP Students

To log in to Henry, you will need your username and password.  (Login information will be provided along with your fall semester bill.)  The web address is https://henry.ltsp.edu (you can just click here).

Change Your Password

  •  Go to the General menu.
  • Click Change Password.

 View Your Current and Past Courses

  • Go to the Records menu. 
  • Click on Student Complete Schedule.
  • The listing will include courses you have registered for, in-progress courses, and completed LTSP courses (with grades).

View Your Student Account

  • Go to the Billing menu and click Detailed Billing Summary.
  • You will see a list of transactions on your account (most recent first) and the current balance.  If your current balance is a credit, the amount will be shown in parentheses.  If there is a balance owed, you will be able to click the Submit Payment button to pay by credit card.
  • You may also see a listing of your transactions grouped by term by choosing Statements by Term from the Billing menu.