Jesus and Bathsheba

(For those who have asked, the text of my sermon from 26 July is attached as a .pdf.) Here's an introduction:It’s good to be king. But Jesus didn’t want to be king. He knew that there was nothing romantic about being king; the monarchy in the Ancient Near East was not a Disney fairy tale. Many monarchs, kings, some queens and pharaohs – male and female – were bloodthirsty, power-hungry, egomaniacal and rapacious. There was no concept of a commander-in-chief directing war from a situation room or “undisclosed location.” Monarchs went to war on the front lines. David made his bones as a young officer in Saul’s army as a killer. People didn’t follow him because he was cute, or even because Samuel anointed him in the name of God. While there were arrows and other projectiles, most warfare in those days was face-to-face and hand-to-hand. Most Israelite and Judean monarchs died violently in the prime of their lives.

David was the quintessential Israelite king and Jesus didn’t want to be anything like him. To say the least, David was nothing like Jesus. Jesus collected and respected women disciples. David collected women for his own personal use... read the rest in pdf format

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