Let's Talk About Sex!

Do I even need to issue the invitation? In light of recent actions taken and not taken by the Episcopal Church and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I'm posting the Human Sexuality Study Guide developed for which I wrote on biblical materials: The context(s) and content(s) of the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity do not lend themselves easily to contemporary studies on sexuality and sexual orientation. There are no Biblical Hebrew or Koine Greek words that correspond exactly to "sexuality" "sexual orientation" or even "gender" (as defined above.) And, it is particularly important to note that the ideas and very words, "sexuality and sexual orientation" did not exist in the worlds that gave rise to the scriptures. The ancient practitioners of Israelite religion simply did not ask the same questions as do modern readers, and they operated from multiple sets of assumptions, all of which are not shared by religious readers who affirm their sacred literature as scripture.

Additional resources caan be found at: http://www.chicagoconsultation.org/

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