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LTSP Responds to El Aqsa incident

Al Aqsa, Source The Philadelphia Inquirer

Al Aqsa Mosque (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

In response to the the detestable incident perpetrated at Al Aqsa Mosque in Philadelphia during early morning prayer on December 7, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post, we, the faculty of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, engaged in love of God and neighbor through the love of Jesus Christ and our work on behalf of peace and justice, offer this expression of solidarity with the members of Al Aqsa Mosque. Affirming the words from the Mayor of Philadelphia’s Office, we “unequivocally condemn and repudiate desecration of sacred spaces wherever they are and in all traditions. Likewise we stand unified in our resolve to promote respect and support for peace and fellowship in our city.” Passed unanimously in faculty meeting, December 8, 2015.

Dr. David Lose, President
Dr. Kiran Sebastian, Dean
Dr. Karyn Wiseman, Associate Dean
Dr. David D. Grafton, Vice-President for Planning, Assessment, and Administration
Dr. Quintin Robertson, Director of the Urban Theological Institute
Dr. Derek Woodard-Lehmann
Dr. Michael Krentz
Dr. Storm Swain
Dr. Wayne Croft
Dr. Nelson Rivera
Dr. Charles Leonard
Dr. John Hoffmeyer
Dr. Jon Pahl
Dr. Erik Heen
Dr. Katie Day
Dr. Paul Rajashekar
Dr. Bob Robinson
Dr. Karl Krueger

Here are articles about the incident:

The Philadelphia Inquirer  (updated December 8, 2015)
The Washington Post (December 8, 2015)

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