General Studies (non-degree)

Students in classCourses may be taken for credit by qualified students who do not intend to pursue a formal degree or whose credentials for one of the degree programs are not sufficiently strong in the judgment of the Admissions Committee. Courses taken in the LTSP Graduate School prior to admission to one of the degree programs (whether in General Studies or in non-matriculant status), may be applied to a graduate degree program upon application of the student. For the STM degree the student will list in writing to the Registrar the specific courses for which credit is sought. For the DMin degree the student will ask his/her DMin committee for approval to count the prior courses for credit toward the degree.


The applicant shall have received the first professional degree in theology from an accredited theological school or cluster. Transcripts of previous work must be submitted together with academic, ecclesiastical, and peer references.


It is possible to complete up to two courses for credit without having completed an application for admission. Such non-matriculated study requires a simple enrollment and registration form (no application fee), available from the Registrar's Office, and the submission of an official transcript of the record of a Master of Divinity degree (or acceptable equivalent) before the end of the term in which the registration occurs.

To pursue more than two courses for credit, students must normally complete an application and be admitted to one of the Graduate School programs above. (Exceptions to this rule are made for students in degree programs at other institutions who are taking LTSP courses for transfer elsewhere.) Courses taken on a non-matriculant basis may be applied within one of the degree programs after admission, subject to the specific course requirements of the program.


According to instructor judgment and permission, a small number of persons may be permitted to participate in courses as auditors (not for credit) without admission to a program. Evidence of a first professional theological education is expected. Normally, the expectations of such students include completion of reading assignments and participation in all classes but do not include papers or examinations. No grade is assigned, but certification of Continuing Education Units is available on request at the rate of 3.5 CEU's for a full course or 1 CEU for each 10 contact hours in other study programs.

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