Library Guide

Welcome to the Krauth Memorial Library [KML], a member of the Eastern Cluster Lutheran Library System that links Philadelphia with the libraries at Gettysburg and Southern seminaries. As a result of this unique partnership, faculty and students have access to over 413,000 items in the common electronic catalog.

AN IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBER: Circulation Desk - 215-248-6329

ECCO [EASTERN CLUSTER CATALOG ONLINE]: ECCO may be accessed from the Eastern Cluster website at or the library web page at or directly at

CLUSTER SEMINARY REQUESTS: Students enrolled in LTSP, faculty, and staff may request items from our Cluster partners: Gettysburg and Southern Seminaries. Request a transfer form at the Circulation Desk and allow seven working days for items to be processed and arrive in KML. Students may only have five cluster requests at a time.

ELECTRONIC DATABASES: Students and faculty have on-campus and remote access to the following databases: ATLA and ATLA Serials, Religion & Philosophy Collection, Luthers Werke, World Cat, and Research in Ministry. No USER ID or Password is need for access from the seminary's local area network. To access the computers off-campus, you will need a USER ID and Password. These are available at the circulation desk. The passwords are changed every June 15th in accordance with our vendor contracts.


Library Card: Enrolled LTSP students, faculty, and staff may obtain library cards at the Circulation Desk.

Circulating Collection: Books and non-print materials circulate for ONE TERM. If another patron has not requested an item, it may be renewed ONCE in person, by phone, or by viewing your account on the web. Visit ECCO, click on Patron and enter your barcode and last name.

Overnight items: Reference and reserve books may be borrowed overnight. All overnight items will be released ONE HOUR before closing and must be returned WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR after opening the next day. Current issues of periodicals and past issues that have been bound NEVER circulate.

Recalls: Borrowed items may be recalled after two weeks if requested by another patron. Items not returned within 24 hours after recall will be charged a $5.00 fee. Items may be recalled IMMEDIATELY for RESERVE USE.

Fines: Overdue items are fined $.25 per day. Overdue RESERVE items are fined $.25 per hour. The maximum fine per item is $5.00. If a borrowed item is believed lost, notify circulation and fines will cease. Patrons are responsible for replacement costs.

PHOTOCOPIER: A coin-operated photocopier is located across from the circulation desk. Photocopies are $.10 per page for 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14 sheets of paper. The 11 x 17 sheets cost $.20 per page. Microfiche copying is $.10 per page.

RESERVES: Materials placed on reserve by faculty are shelved in the Card Catalog corridor. Items are arranged alphabetically by title and are listed in ECCO. CLICK the Course Reserve tab and select the course. P/=Philadelphia

INTERLIBRARY LOAN: Research materials not available in the Krauth Memorial Library may be obtained for enrolled students of LTSP and faculty. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk for the appropriate forms. Your request may take up to two weeks before it arrives in KML.

THE SEPTLA CONSORTIUM - [Southeast Pennsylvania Theological Library Association] has an agreement that allows enrolled students of LTSP to utilize the 2,000,000 volumes in theology and related disciplines that are located in member libraries. Nearby theological schools in the consortium include Palmerl Seminary of Eastern University, Moravian Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary

Visit the SEPTLA website at for a complete listing, address, phone number, and library hours of member schools.

  • You must have a valid LTSP Student Identification Card.  
  • ALWAYS introduce yourself at the circulation desk of the school you are visiting and ask about the rules regarding use and circulation of materials.

LOCAL LIBRARIES: The FREE LIBRARY OF PHILADELPHIA extends borrowing privileges to students enrolled in schools in the city. Local branches have good video collections that can be borrowed. Take your valid student ID to request a library card. Nearby local branches are Lovett Memorial, Chestnut Hill, and the Northwest Regional Facility. Visit the website at for locations and hours.

RIGHT TO INSPECT: We reserve the right to inspect any parcels. We may not choose to inspect all parcels at all times, but please do not be offended if we happen to spot-check yours.

DETECTION SYSTEM: The Krauth Memorial Library has a Checkpoint Detection System that alerts staff to the unauthorized removal of books, journals, tapes, and videos. If the alarm should sound as you are leaving, return to the circulation desk. It will not sound for personal items, will not erase magnetic tapes, disks, or interfere with pacemakers.