Contextual Education

Contextual Education is a very important part of theological education at LTSP. The goal is to find opportunities for seminarians to gain practical experience in their preparation for church leadership. These opportunities could be in a variety of experiences and contexts depending upon the study track and/or student goals. Students are exposed to ministries in the clinical, pastoral or social sectors. All of these experiences are aimed at helping the student put all the classroom theory into practice.

The contextual education experience is designed to help students in the following areas:

  • To better understand the connection between the classroom and the field
  • Help in the discernment of call/vocation
  • Help in spiritual formation
  • Help with discernment of gifts, strengths and limitations
  • Help in development of professional skills for ministry

The Contextual Education Office plays a major role in organizing all Field Education, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and Internship/Practicum experiences. Depending upon their circumstances, all students will have experiences in at least one (1) if not all of these areas. ALL SITE ASSIGNMENTS ARE TO BE MADE BY THE CONTEXTUAL EDUCATION OFFICE.

All contextual education is evaluated and a Pass/Fail grade value is submitted to the Office of the Registrar for student transcripts. All evaluations are to be submitted in a timely manner. Tardiness may result in delay of ordination and/or other processes. The Contextual Education Office is here to help facilitate all processes toward ordination and other professional vocations.