The Globalization Program

Our global focus helps students and others become better-prepared leaders for the next century.  The program offers:

  • International scholarships and fellowships to students from overseas to study on the LTSP campus.
  • Opportunities for American students to study abroad at schools like the Collegium Oekumenicum in Munich, Germany and with the Evangelical Theological Faculty of Cominus University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Internships have taken our students to such places as Egypt, Latvia, India, Taiwan and Zimbabwe.
  • LTSP Students in Egypt on a globalization tripGlobal awareness seminars have offered our students experiences in South Africa, Eastern Europe, Puerto Rico and India. Such travels offer graduate students study credits as well as a diverse cultural experience pivotal to their preparation as leaders. Future seminars will focus on our Biblical Heritage (Middle East), Reformation Heritage (visiting Martin Luther historical sites), and a tour of Italy and Dachau (with a focus on the Oberammergau Passion Play).
  • Professors and church leaders from abroad teach periodically on our campus.