Spring Convocation 2009

LTSP Alumni Spring Convocation 2009

April 27-29

 "Path of Forgiveness"

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Convocation 2009 was an excellent time of learning and fellowship. Videos of the plenary sessions and photos from the events are linked here.

Spring Convocation 2009 was held in memory andcelebration of the life and work of The Rev. Dr. John H.P. Reumann (1927-2008).  This time of remembrance included:

  • Official beginning of fundraising for the John Reumann Chair of Biblical Studies
  • Workshop on Philippians (A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary) (The Anchor Yale Bible, 2008) by John Reumann
  • Tuesday Memorial Evening Prayer
  • Alumni Banquet with remarks by Dr. Erik Heen and the Reumann Family.
  • Read a memorial here 

Convocation Theme:

"Path of Forgiveness"

Keynote Presenter:

Dr. David Augsburger, Professor of Pastoral Counseling, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

David AugsburgerOur keynote presenter was Dr. David Augsburger, who has taught at Fuller since 1990 as professor of pastoral care and counseling in the School of Theology. The author of over 20 books in pastoral counseling, marriage, conflict, and human relations, David Augsburger's most recent writings are Christian Counseling, An Introduction (with H. Newton Malony, 2007); Dissident Discipleship: A Spirituality of Self-discovery, Love of God and Love of Neighbor (2006); Hate-work: Working through the pain and pleasures of Hate (2004); HelpingPeople Forgive, (1997); Conflict Mediation Across Cultures (1992); Pastoral Counseling Across Cultures (1986); The Freedom o Forgiveness (1995); Sustaining Love (1989); Anger, Assertiveness and Pastoral Care (1985); and the Caring series of five books beginning with the widely published Caring Enough to Confront (1980). An ordained minister of the Mennonite Church and a diplomate of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Dr. Augsburger is active in teaching counseling and leading workshops internationally on topics including pastoral counseling, conflict management in the church, cross-cultural counseling and theology, cross-cultural conflict and mediation, forgiveness and reconciliation, hatred, prejudice, and violence.

Theme Description:

(Videos of the plenary sessions and photos from the events are linked here)

Forgiveness is a word currently used to name a wide spectrum of responses from simple civility to authentic reconciliation. Each of these emerges from a particular theological bent. Dr. Augsburger's first presentation explored the nature of a forgiveness that expresses unconditional love (the more Reformed tradition) as well as forgiveness as its conditional forms in the mutual recognition that repentance is genuine and right relationships restored (the more radical reformation contribution). We explored how forgiving opens the future to the possibilities of a joint life in moral community, but strives to go beyond the familiar practices of spiritualized denial.

Dr. Augsburger's second presentation explored forgiveness as radical love of God and neighbor emerging from a spirituality that moves from mono-polar practices of forgiving oneself, through bi-polar spiritual practices of divine command compliance, to a tri-polar spirituality of radical love of God present in the Other, in both being the face of Christ and seeing the face of Christ in the neighbor. The spirituality of forgiving is seen as loving obedience and stubborn faithfulness in the practices of ministry, mediation, pastoral therapy, and daily interpersonal annoyances and difficulties.

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