Parking on the LTSP Campus

Please be advised that all vehicles belonging to faculty, staff, and/or students parked on the LTSP campus must properly registered with the security office. Complete the registration form (pdf) and return to the Security office.

Parking is allowed per the following designations:

Wiedemann Center Parking Lot

  • Priority is given to assigned student residents.
  • LTSP Bookstore patrons (2 reserved spaces).
  • Other properly designated individuals (Chief Financial Officer, 4 handicapped spaces and 1 space reserved for dormitory residents with small children).

Brossman Center Parking Lot (This lot should not be used by resident students)

  • Designated faculty
  • Staff employees
  • Individuals attending other scheduled functions.
  • Visitors

Reed Parking Lots

  • Resident faculty, staff, and students
  • Staff employees
  • Visitors

Rear of Chapel

  • There are 8 spaces immediately adjacent to the rear of the Chapel.  These spaces are reserved for the Bishop and SEPA Synod staff, and are so designated.

Spaces adjacent to Hagan Center

  • Six parking spaces are located adjacent to the front of Hagan Center. Three are designated for use of visitors to Hagan Center. Two are reserved for handicapped persons. One is not designated.

Questions can be directed to the security office at 215-248-4665 or extensions 7502/7503 on the internal campus network.