Preaching Between the Lines -- in Montana

The Northern Rockies Institute of Theology has asked me to teach in Montana October 15-17, 2009. The title of the one-day workshops is "Preaching Between the Lines." The workshop comes from a quote in Linda Clader's book, Voicing the Vision: Imagination and Prophetic Preaching (Morehouse Publishing, 2003): "... what holds a congregation's attention is the gaps between things, rather than overt expression." The workshops will be held in Billings (Oct. 15), Butte (Oct. 16), and Missoula (Oct. 17). Find out more at You may contact NRIT by email ( or phone 406/452-1663 or snail mail at Northern Rockies Institute of Theology, 2415 - 13th Ave. So., Great Falls, Montana 59405.