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“Our God” and “Your God”: Christian Faith Among Other Faiths – On Campus and Online starting Feb. 18!

Five consecutive Thursdays, February 18-March 17, 2016 | 7:00 pm-9:00 pm -- Live on the LTSP campus OR online webinar -- Presenter: The Rev. Dr. J. Paul Rajashekar, Luther D. Reed Professor of Systematic Theology, LTSP -- This short course explores some of the challenges in Christian relations with people of other religions in a pluralistic society, examining a number of critical theological issues. Learn more and register today!

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Preaching with Power 2016 – March 13-17

Preaching with Power returns this March! Highlights for the 34th year include a Celebration of Music in the African American Church, a discussion of Terrorism in America — Sacred Places, plus powerful preaching by the Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Bishop Violet L. Fisher, the Rev. Jocelyn K. Hart, the Rev. Julian DeShazier, and Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath, Come! Be inspired!

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PS Portions – January 2016

January's PS Portions includes President David Lose's reflection on Isaiah 43:19 - “I am about to do a new thing. Now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it?” plus a look at the Distributed Learning MDiv Pathway: It's Possible!, a Q&A with President Lose on the “Proposal for a New School of Theology and Leadership Formation,” What does Oprah have to do with theological education?, Seminarians “Being Church” in the Community, Visit Philadelphia! Friday-Sunday, Feb. 5-7, plus LTSP Notes and Class Notes.

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“I am about to do a new thing. Now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it?”

For most of my life, one of my favorite Scripture verses has been Isaiah 43:19 — “I am about to do a new thing. Now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it?” These words are meant to comfort and inspire Israel in a time of hopelessness and despair, and many Christians across the ages, including myself, have found in them the promise that God regularly surprises us, showing up where we least expect God to be, bringing hope and life where we were not anticipating it. Read more of this month's reflection from LTSP President David Lose.

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It’s Possible! The Distributed Learning Master of Divinity (DL)

It's Possible! The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) is excited to announce the launch of a new and innovative pathway to seminary education and church leadership, the Distributed Learning Master of Divinity (DL). PS Portions talked with LTSP Associate Director of Admissions the Rev. Nate Preisinger and Educational Technologist Dr. Alexandra Reid about the Distributed Learning MDiv Pathway.

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Q&A with David Lose on the “Proposal for a New School of Theology and Leadership Formation”

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the Boards of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg passed identical resolutions of intent to form a new seminary. LTSP President David Lose responds to some questions about the proposed new school.

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What does Oprah have to do with theological education?

What does Oprah have to do with theological education? If your answer to that question is “nothing”— think again. A small but dedicated group of students who enrolled in a January-term intensive course, “Faith, History, and Finance: The Spirituality of Business, and the Business of Spirituality,” studied how the history of markets challenges any easy division of matter from spirit or spirituality from commerce.

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The Daring Way™ for Faith Leaders convocation April 5

In this all-day convocation, we experience the Daring Way™ curriculum developed by Dr. Brené Brown has to offer. We will learn with and from each other, create sacred ground where our stories are honored and where you can explore how your faith and ministry connect.

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Religion and Identity in the Middle East: the rise of Islamic Radicalism – Lifelong Learning!

Five consecutive Thursdays, March 31-April 28, 2016 | 7:00 pm-9:00 pm -- Live on the LTSP campus OR online webinar -- The “Middle East,” as it is commonly known by Americans, has been a land of fascination, frustration, and fear. Many Americans find the tapestry of its peoples, languages, cultures, and religions to be confusing, and yet the Middle East is so prominent in our news and media. These five sessions will look at the cultural perspectives of the people of the Middle East, the Arab Spring, and the rise of Islamic Radicalism as protest movements, including al-Qaeda and (ISIS). The purpose of this course is to help North American Christians move beyond fear to become creatively engaged as peacemakers and responsible citizens and in our own communities. Learn more and register today!

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The Institute of Lifelong Learning at LTSP

Whether you are a lay person, neighbor, leader in the church, or someone who is curious about faith in the world and has a desire to deepen your understanding, LTSP offers a wide selection of courses and workshops, taught by internationally acclaimed faculty and speakers and available in various formats — on-campus and online — to meet your busy schedule and satisfy your theological curiosity.

Next offering is "Our God" and "Your God": Christian Faith Among Other Faiths, followed by Religion and Identity in the Middle East: the rise of Islamic Radicalism, Convocation on Brené Brown's "The Daring Way™," Basics in Luther and Lutheranism, and more. Click for details and to register online!

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Visit LTSP

Is God calling you to become a leader in the church? Do you feel called to study theology but are not sure what direction to take? Is God calling you to something new? LTSP offers many opportunities, from Prospect...

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Student Learning Assessment

Assessment of student learning at LTSP is the systematic collection of information about student learning, using the time, knowledge, expertise and resources available, in order to inform decisions about how to improve student learning.

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Contextual Education

Field Education

The typical MDiv student undertakes a field education assignment for each of four semesters (normally the first two years of a full-time program).

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The LTSP Experience


For persons preparing for servant-leadership in the church, most denominations have a candidacy process that requires contact with the denomination prior to the beginning of seminary.

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Degree Programs

Master of Sacred Theology

The MASTER of SACRED THEOLOGY (STM) at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) emphasizes academic accomplishment, providing fuller mastery of an area or discipline of theological study.

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Are you feeling called to a seminary education? Begin here to learn more about the LTSP experience and how to apply.

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LTSP 150th Anniversary Timeline

LTSP 150th Anniversary Timeline

As part of its 150th Anniversary, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia has created an interactive timeline website to share the story of the seminary - WITNESS TO A CHANGING WORLD: BUILDING ON OUR DYNAMIC PAST. Learn more about...

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How Your Gift Helps

To realize the seminary’s vital mission requires significant funding. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and supporting synods provide a portion of the funds needed for annual operations. Tuition dollars, which are intentionally modest, also help. However, the...

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New Students

We are excited to have you as a part of this community and we pray that your transition into life here at the seminary is a positive one. We do our best to provide you with important information to...

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Certificate Programs

Certificate of Theological Study

Students with accredited undergraduate degrees who desire first professional-level courses for credit but do not desire to enter a degree program may choose instead to take a more limited program leading to a Certificate of Theological Study.

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Affiliated Students

All First Theological Degree-Level student whose MDiv studies have been undertaken at a non-ELCA seminary, if seeking ordination in the ELCA, are required to “affiliate” with an ELCA seminary. The seminary assists the student’s ordination process, oversees the student’s...

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Housing and Campus Life

LTSP offers a variety of housing opportunities for non-commuter students. Full time students can find accommodations in the Wiedemann Center and historic buildings on the periphery of campus.

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The Community

150th Anniversary Celebration

The 150th Gala Celebration was one of a fabulous series of events! See stories, photos, and videos in the October 27 edition of PS Portions. Read the special commemorative edition of PS magazine online.

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Admissions Policies & Information

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia offers degrees in The Master of Divinity, The Master of Arts in Religion, The Master of Arts in Public Leadership, The Master of Sacred Theology, and The Doctor of Ministry.

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Contextual Education

Clinical Pastoral Education

CPE is an ecclesiastical (not academic) requirement for ordination by the ELCA and some other denominations. Designed to provide an intensive pastoral care experience coupled with deep reflection and discernment, CPE offers students the opportunity to hone their listening...

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Financial Aid

Financing a seminary education involves much more than paying bills. It requires prayerful planning and budgeting, good money and time management skills, and joyful receiving of gifts! This guide describes eligibility and application processes as well as the different...

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"Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia seeks to educate and form public leaders who are committed to developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith for engagement in the world."