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PS Portions

PS Portions: August 2015

PS Portions for August 2015
President David Lose

Coming Alongside

Of the many unique features of the Gospel of John, one of my favorite is the Fourth Evangelist’s description of the Holy Spirit. Paracletos is the Greek word John employs, and it is translated variously as “Advocate,” “Helper,” and “Comforter.” But it’s really a compound noun perhaps better translated as “the one who comes alongside of” another.

I love this word because I think it captures beautifully the work of the Holy Spirit not to solve our problems, but to come alongside as we struggle, not to grant our wishes, but to come alongside and test our visions and encourage us to work for our dreams.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…

LAMPa Director the Rev. Amy Reumann

Public Policy Ministry: hunger, housing, and civil rights

While growing up on the LTSP campus the first 18 years of her life, the Rev. Amy Reumann explained that it never occurred to her to seek ordination. “Even though I wasn’t thinking about ordination when I went off to college, the seminary campus served as a great incubator for me. I can’t say enough about what that meant.”

Watch and read about the church has an important role in advocacy…

The Rev. Dr. Charles Leonard

Reflecting on Charleston and ministry: Charles Leonard

LTSP alumnus and associate professor Charles Leonard vividly recalls the morning when he gave a trial sermon at then Messiah Lutheran Church in North Philadelphia. It would become his first call to a congregation.”A woman in the congregation stood up and said she could not handle having a black man as a pastor in the church,” recalled Leonard.

Watch and read as Dr. Leonard continues the discussion…

UTI is 35!

UTI is 35! Celebrating the anniversary and new learning opportunities

This fall the seminary’s Urban Theological Institute (UTI) will observe its 35th anniversary with two special events. UTI also introduces, for the first time, a satellite site location in West Chester offering two of its certificate programs.

UTI Director the Rev. Dr. Quintin Robertson tells about the 35th events, and new opportunities in West Chester…

UTI Director the Rev. Dr. Quintin Robertson

“We are one in the Spirit”

“For the past two months I have become enamored by the lyrics to the hymn, ‘We are one on the Spirit, one in the Lord. They will know we are Christians by our love’,” said the Rev. Dr. Quintin Robertson, director of the seminary’s Urban Theological Institute and Black Church Studies program.

Watch and read as Dr. Robertson continues the discussion…

The Scarlet Oak and The Brossman Center - August 2006

Scarlet Oak’s Demise: Sadness and opportunity for celebration

Loss of life can inspire wide-ranging emotion – intense sadness and grief, also often occasioned by the opportunity to celebrate a life well lived. Such a unique time is upon the seminary, as the Scarlet Oak on campus became too dangerous to remain standing.

Read the story, view photos, and share your memories…

Mother Emanuel

August Reflection: The Miracle of Mother Emanuel

LTSP Associate Professor of Systematic Theology the Rev. John F. Hoffmeyer reflects, “The great German-American Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt said that forgiveness was the greatest miracle, because it interrupts the predictable playing out of the consequences of the past. Forgiveness, she explained, frees both those who forgive and those who are forgiven from being bound by the consequences of a past wrong. Forgiveness initiates something new.”

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