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PS Portions

PS Portions: December 2015

PS Portions for August 2015

December 2015

President David Lose

Acts of Hope

Advent is the season of hope. We look forward to the coming the Christ child as God’s sure sign of commitment to and love for the world. We prepare to welcome Christ into our hearts, homes, and faith communities as the light of the world, the light that the darkness cannot overcome.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…


Advent Reflections

Advent Reflections

Members of the LTSP community – alumni, seminarians, staff, and faculty – share thoughts on Advent, and you are invited to share yours.

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FRuth and LeRoy Aden

Dr. LeRoy Aden has died; Emeritus Professor taught Pastoral Care at LTSP for 30 years

The Rev. Dr. LeRoy H. Aden, the Luther D. Reed Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Care at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) for nearly 30 years, died December 3, 2015, after a brief illness. He lived in Atlanta, Georgia, in retirement.

Read more and watch a video interview with Prof. Aden, his wife Ruth, and Martha Reumann…


Peace Not Walls

Peace Not Walls: Advocacy for Palestine

The ELCA Peace Not Walls exhibit came to the LTSP in early December to share the story of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) campaign to bring “positive peace” to the Holy Land. The campaign is part of a greater effort which brings together Israelis, Palestinians, and international workers in an effort to bring long term peace and justice to the area, which is connected to the traditions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Learn more and watch a slide show of the exhibit…


Annual Tree Lighting

Annual Tree Lighting

What better way can you think of to get the community together than to have a community tree lighting and carol singing? That’s the idea of the annual Tree Lighting on William Allen Plaza!

Read more and watch a slide show from this year’s celebration…


Advent Vespers 2015

Sounds of Advent Vespers fill Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel

After a number of years of services at churches in other parts of Northwest Philadelphia, the annual Advent Vespers “came home” to LTSP’s own Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel on Sunday, December 6, 2015. With the end of an important restoration, the assembly was able to enter beneath the chapel’s reconstructed bell tower to fill the chapel and heard the lovely chapel bell calling all to prayer, and tolling during the “Our Father.”

More on the story, plus photos of the service and reception…


Continuing the Conversation: “Thoughts and prayers”
– what is enough?

LTSP Professor Katie Day considers whether “thoughts and prayers” are enough after acts of violence in America, plus UTICA member the Rev. Dr. Kevin Johnson reflects on the Laquan McDonald case.

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Faculty Reflection: Dr. Erik Heen on Advent

Like Lent, Advent is a season of preparation that interrupts the flow of the church year. It is a “betwixt and between” place where extraordinary things can happen. In it Christian hope is born, a hope that is certain about the promises of God’s coming to us, for us.

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December LTSP Notes

LTSP Notes for December: In this month’s LTSP Notes: Seminarian Lenny Duncan will be part of ELCA live webcast, Matthew O’Rear leaving LTSP, and updates on Dean Jayakiran Sebastian, the Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman, and Alexandra Reid.

December Class Notes

December’s Class Notes: In this month’s Class Notes, updates on Bishop Dwayne Royster, the Rev. Dr. Wylie W. Johnson, and the Rev. Dr. H. Paul Santmire, two pairs of podcasters sharing ministry and learning, and the deaths of seminarian Phillip J. Harris and the Rev. Henry G. Fromhartz.

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