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PS Portions

PS Portions – July 2015

July 2015

President David Lose

Knowing and Understanding

What do I know about racism? Really. Yes, I think I understand racism intellectually, as a concept and idea and theory. And, yes, perhaps from time to time I’ve even experienced some measure of prejudice, of being judged ahead of time because of assumptions people hold based on what they see. But, really, these occasional moments of prejudice or bias are not the same as racism.

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Rozella White

Pioneering work with millennials in today’s world

Rozella White (MAR, 2010) wrote in a recent blog post (and follow up) that she considers herself “a bit of a unicorn – a Black Puerto Rican, third generation Lutheran. I was baptized, confirmed, married, educated, and called to ministry in this church (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).”

Watch and read about how this church leader is working with millennials to reform the church for today and tomorrow…

Bishop Dwayne Royster

God is breaking through

In the aftermath of the recent mass murders around a Bible study table in Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, LTSP alumnus the Rev. Dwayne Royster believes the culture of America is in a “kairos moment.”

“A lot of people are upset about all the upheaval that’s going on after Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston, but I’m not one of them,” Royster said.

Watch and read about Bishop Royster and the meaning of this kairos moment…

Mother Bethel Prayer Vigil

Mourning Charleston

The LTSP community continues in mourning with the nation for Pastor Clementa C. Pinckney and the eight other persons killed while engaged in Bible study and prayer June 17 at historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The community continues to ask and respond to the question: What can, and must, people of faith, and a community whose mission is to raise leaders in the world, do to address not only the deaths but also the underlying issues raised – again – by this act, an act that took the lives of people engaged in learning about God, singled out because they were African American – for the church, for the nation, for the world, for God’s creation.

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July Reflection: Preaching in context ... Even when it is difficult

July Reflection: Preaching in context … Even when it is difficult

One of the first things that I teach in my intro to preaching course is the importance of being true to the CONTEXTS of preaching – the plural nature of that word is absolutely intentional. I remind students that realtors may talk about the importance of “location, location, location.” But in preaching it’s “context, context, context.”

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July LTSP NotesLTSP Notes for July include construction project updates, administrative staff realignment update, former president The Rev. Dr. Philip D. Krey is called to congregational ministry, and faculty updates for the Rev. Dr. David D. Grafton, the Rev. Dr. Wayne Croft, and the Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman.July Class NotesJuly’s Class Notes include updates from the Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade, the Rev. Roxi Kringle, the Rev. Dr. Denise Brown, the Rev. Kevin Shock, the Rev. Byron Schmid, the Rev. Leslie Scanlon, and Carol Rowehl, and remembering the Reverend Dr. James E. Gunther (BD 1959).

Save the Dates: UTI is 35!

UTI is 35!The Urban Theological Institute (UTI) celebrates 35 years since its founding with two special days:

Tuesday, September 22 – Lecture and Worship Celebration with Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr., and
Friday, October 23 – Gala Banquet with speaker Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

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