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PS Portions

PS Portions – March 2015

President David LoseFrom the President – Metanoia

Metanoia. It is one of the key terms of Lent. We often translate it as repentance, changing one’s behavior in response to spiritual conversion. But it might also be translated as a turning around, a significant change in one’s attitude and perspective that leads to a different way of doing things. Read this month’s message from President Lose


The challenges of restoring Peter Muhlenberg’s 240-year old robe

Once she restored the Masonic apron belonging to George Washington and the Masonic sash owned by Benjamin Franklin. Textile conservator Nancy Love also recently fashioned an African American History Museum exhibit featuring about 40 costumes worn by the 1950s and 1960s rock singing sensations the Supremes.

For the past two years, she has been thinking about and working on the restoration of an estimated 240-year-old preaching robe worn by Peter Muhlenberg, the son of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, often referred to as the patriarch of the Lutheran Church in North America. Read more about restoring the historic robe


Professor Jon PahlWhy Turkey is at a Turning Point, Why American Christians Should Care, and What You Can Do

With ISIS and terrorist killings in the news, it’s important to lift up the stories of the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims around the world.See this resource from Professor Jon Pahl.


Church youth surrounded by snowChurch in the New England Snow

It is no secret that New England has been continuously covered with snow this winter. As snow banks piled up to form mountain ranges and the snow in our yards rising to meet the window ledges – and another snowstorm seeming to appear in every weather forecast – many churches in New England have been called on to get creative with worship services to reach their communities. St. Mark Lutheran Church, Norwich, Connecticut, has also had to adapt ministry as a result of unceasing snow. Read how the congregation served by Master of Divinity – Co-operative Model student Vicar Niki Harvell has continued to “be church” in the snow…


Pr. Christopher MietlowskiLenten Reflection: Bringing “church” to the public square in New York City

A young woman emerged from the Union Square subway station and spotted our large sign: “Ashes and Prayer.” Dressed in an expensive looking coat and scarf, walking with purpose and confidence, it seemed like she had it all together. She came over to us and asked, “Really? Can I get ashes right here and now?” I said, “Yes. And we would also like to pray for you.” We exchanged first names. Then I asked what we could lift to God in prayer on her behalf. Her face dramatically changed expression as she bowed her head toward the ground and quietly said, “I’m flying home tomorrow … to bury my younger sister.” Read more of this Lenten Reflection…


In Class Notes: updates from The Rev. Steven Jensen, Seminarian Tracy Thomas, the Rev. Dr. H. Paul Santmire, the Rev. Tim Poston, the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, plus passages of alumni the Rev. John Steinbruck, MDiv 1959, Mary Houston, MAR (UTI) 2006, and Vernetha Glover Henry, UTI certificates 2011 and 2013.This month’s LTSP Notes: Dean Jayakiran Sebastian attended an international conference at the Tantur Institute of Ecumenical Studies; The Rev. Dr. David D. Grafton presents a talk and “Americans, the Bible, and the Middle East”; and the Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath is a reviewer for Sparkhouse.

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