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PS Portions

PS Portions: March 2017

PS Portions for March 2017


March 2017


President David Lose

The God We Do Not Expect

In Lent this year, we are treated to four weeks of readings drawn from the Gospel According to John. “Treated” is the operative word in that last sentence for me because I so much enjoy John’s evocative imagery, rich symbolism, and depth of theology. As I have been reading once again through these stories of Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman at the well, the man who receives his sight (let’s name him for what he has become, not what he suffered!), and Lazarus, I was struck by the element of surprise in each of them.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…

Grand Jury_ Public Witness

Grand Jury: Public Witness

LTSP Director of Donor Services Kathie Afflerbach (MAR 2009), a deacon in the ELCA, reflects on her experience serving two years on a county grand jury, and how her service was informed by her faith and seminary education.

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On the Way to United Lutheran Seminary

“On the Way to United Lutheran Seminary” Webinar LIVE Monday, April 3

Register now for the Monday, April 3 live webinar “On the Way to United Lutheran Seminary” with Presidents David Lose and Michael Cooper-White sharing the latest information on ULS. Bishop Claire Burkat will be the moderator.

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Hern-Fry Book of Faith Challenge

2017 Hein-Fry Book of Faith Challenge is April 21

The Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Wengert will be keynote speaker at the all-day Hein-Fry Book of Faith Challenge at LTSP on April 21. The challenge invites seminary students to explore new ways of engaging Scripture in a congregational or ministry setting. Four students share their projects and learnings at this day-long event. A panel of practitioners, led by keynote speaker Dr. Wengert, will respond to each presentation, and those in attendance will be invited to respond. The day is free and open to the public – lunch included, registration required!

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Preaching with Power recap

Preaching with Power’s 35th Anniversary

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Urban Theological Institute’s Preaching with Power promised to be a series of memorable events, but a late winter snow storm was not the type of event planned as part of the celebration!

Read more about the week, watch videos and view slide shows from Preaching with Power’s 35th!…

Paul Hanson during the Lazareth Lecture

Paul Hanson presents thought-provoking Lazareth Lecture

Paul D. Hanson, BD, PhD, Florence Corliss Lamont Professor of Divinity Emeritus, Harvard Divinity School, presented a thought-provoking Lazareth Lecture in Theology and Ethics at LTSP on February 21. Professor Hanson brought his expertise and thoughts on the role of church and faith in society, especially in the current political context, to an audience of guests and students, and opened the floor to the audience for an engaging discussion.
Watch the lecture and view photos from the reception and lecture…

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March Class Notes

Read March’s Class Notes with updates from the Right Rev. C. Franklin Brookhart, the Rev. Robert Argot, the Rev. James T. Heckman, Kristen Opalinski, the Rev. Tom Irwin, and the Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera, and the death of alumna the Rev. Dr. Wanda E. McNeill (DMin 2005).

March LTSP Notes

In March’s LTSP Notes, the Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera appointed Associate Professor of Theology at Moravian Seminary and Dr. Michael Krentz provides an update.

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