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PS Portions

PS Portions – October 2015

PS Portions for August 2015

October 2015

President David Lose

We See You

Last week we hosted the rejuvenated Preaching Days on the LTSP campus. At the close of that event, I shared some words with those in attendance that I want to address also to you: “We see you.”

I don’t mean that in an ominous or intrusive way, and certainly not in the sense of watching to make sure you’re minding your Ps and Qs. What I mean is that we know about your faithful ministry … and are appreciative.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…



LTSP Library Connector

Remembering Businessman and Philanthropist DeLight Breidegam, Jr.

Berks County, Pennsylvania, businessman and philanthropist DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr., along with his wife Helen, have been faithful in their philanthropy to The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He recently died at age 89, leaving a legacy at LTSP and elsewhere in Pennsylvania and around the world, including the under construction Connector between The Brossman Center and Krauth Memorial Library (in the architect’s rendering above). Read an appreciation…



James Forbes speaking at the UTI Annual Lecture

Dr. James Forbes was special guest for the Annual UTI Lecture and Worship Celebration

The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister Emeritus of the Riverside Church in the City of New York, brought powerful speaking and preaching to Philadelphia on September 22 for the annual UTI Lecture and Worship Celebration, which this year kicked off the Urban Theological Institute’s 35th year.

Read the reports and watch the videos of the lecture and worship celebration…



Professor Timothy Wengert

“From Conflict to Convergence”

LTSP Professor Emeritus the Rev. Dr. Timothy Wengert presented the special convocation, “From Conflict to Convergence,” exploring the continued re-development of the relationship between the Lutheran church and other denominations and the Roman Catholic Church post-Reformation. The convocation was held Tuesday, October 6, 2015, a short time after Pope Francis left Philadelphia after the World Meeting of Families 2015.

Watch the video of the convocation and read details…



Jonathan Westerlund with a crew member

A “Global” Ministry with Seafarers

An LTSP seminarian movingly describes his field work interaction with seafarers from around the world and pays tribute to those who deliver at great risk and cost to themselves the goods on which we depend.

Read this reflection by seminarian Jonathan Westerlund…



The Rev. Annemarie Cook - Continuing the Conversation

Continuing the Conversation: A Year After Ferguson

LTSP Alumni Association president the Rev. Annemarie Cook (MDiv 2007) in this video reflects on her experience in a suburban Philadelphia congregation on how congregations can carry on conversations about Ferguson, Charleston, #Black Lives Matter, and the continuing challenge of racism in America.

Plus, October’s Journal of Lutheran Ethics addresses #Black Lives Matter, including contributions by LTSP alumni Wolfgang Herz-Lane (MDiv 2001) and Rozella White (MAR 2010).

Watch Pr. Cook’s reflection and learn more…



Prof. Jon Pahl

October Reflection: A Muslim Reformer and His Community Comes under Fire (Again)

In this Reflection, Dr. Jon Pahl writes: “Turkey is in trouble. The recent bombing of a peace march in Ankara is only a symptom. Among the many threats facing the birthplace of Saint Paul, and the center of so much of historic Christianity, is internal dissension. Especially troubling is a recent smear-campaign against and political persecution of the Turkish Muslim Reformer Fethullah Gülen and those inspired by him.

Read Prof. Pahl’s reflection…



Mark StaplesAn Appreciation of Mark Staples

LTSP Director of Communications and PS Portions editor Merri Bender Brown writes: “I reluctantly accepted our seminary writer Mark Staples’ letter of resignation the end of August with a heavy heart. Mark had been very forthright about his fluid situation with his health and family responsibilities, and future plans, and I appreciated his honesty and professionalism – his trademarks for as long as I have had the pleasure of knowing and collaborating with him.” Read more…



October LTSP Notes

LTSP Notes for October: In October’s LTSP Notes: an update from the Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman, Luther Bowl’s 50th Anniversary, Chapel Bell Tower Restoration complete, and seminary writer Mark Staples shares a fond farewell reflection.

October Class Notes

October’s Class Notes: Updates from the Rev. Dana Heiserer, the Rev. Judith VanOsdol, the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, and the Rev. Dr. Jack DiMatteo; Bishop Emeritus Harold Weiss (BD 1955) celebrating 60th Anniversary of Ordination; and deaths of the Rev. Paul H. Feil, the Rev. Milton C. Mann, and the Rev. Jan C. Walker.

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