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PS Portions

PS Portions – September 2016

PS Portions for September 2016

September 2016


President David Lose

Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Church and Culture

Six hundred empty pulpits. That’s what a recent ELCA study revealed. We currently have 600 pastoral vacancies in churches that want and can afford a pastor. Moreover, and taking into consideration estimates of the number of congregations that may shrink or close in the coming years, that number is expected to grow to 1,000 vacancies by 2020. And those figures only report pastors – and so don’t reflect shortages in youth workers, church musicians, or professional lay leaders in congregations and social ministry organizations – and is focused only on the ELCA, and so barely scratches the surface of the shortage of trained leaders that is besieging the larger church.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…


Dean Sebastian Reflects

The Dean Reflects: A Vision for Theological Education

Dean J. Jayakiran Sebastian reflects: Theological education takes place amidst the joys, frustrations, complexities, messiness, promise, and hope of everyday life. It is here that The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP), in its long 152-year history, has encountered a plethora of opportunities and challenges, some met, others lost, that ultimately have made the institution what it is today, and will lead us as a community into our shared future with Gettysburg Seminary (LTSG).

Read Dean Sebastian’s reflection…


LTSP represented at ELCA Churchside Assembly

LTSP Alumni Association – the year ahead

After an eventful summer at the seminary and now the beginning of the last academic year as LTSP, the alumni are feeling nostalgic, concerned, and hopeful for the future of seminary education. The Rev. Annemarie Cook (MDiv ’07), President, LTSP Alumni Association considers the year ahead.

Read Pr. Cook’s thoughts…


The UTI Annual Lecture

The UTI Annual Lecture and Worship Celebration

The UTI Annual Lecture and Worship Celebration brought the Reverend Dr. Marsha Brown Woodard to the lectern and pulpit for the 2016 event.

Dr. Marsha Brown Woodard’s lecture and sermon…


Augustana Museum Open Day - October 12

Augustana Museum Open Day – October 12

The Augustana Museum will observe an Open Day when you are welcome to visit the collection. Open Day is Wednesday, October 12, 2016 from 10:00 to 11:45 am, and again from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Learn more about the museum and Open Day…


Meet Student Leaders in the Class of 2020

Meet Student Leaders in the Class of 2020

New students Charryse Copper, Laura Taddie, Ralen Robinson and Wayne Shipman, members of the Class of 2020, talk about their call to ministry and a seminary education.

Watch videos and learn how you can help the future leaders of the church…

September LTSP Notes

LTSP Notes for September include the Faith on the Avenue exhibition opening and an update from Prof. Karyn Wiseman.

September Class Notes

Read September’s Class Notes on the Rev. Kurt Lammi, the Rev. Matthew James, John Weit, the Rev. Leila Ortiz, the Rev. Rick Summy, the Rev. Dr. Denise Brown, the Rev. Emily Theobald-Rowlands, and the Rev. Craig Miller.

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