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Reflecting on resources for Terrorism…

Ever since 13 November, and the Parish attacks by DAESH, there has been a spike in the fear of terrorism. This has resulted in reactive public rhetoric of anti-Muslim speech, acts and crimes. There have also been those individuals and communities that have reached out to local Muslim communities in friendship and support.

American Christians continue to look for resources on Islam, specifically related to help them understand the role of Islamic radicalism and terrorism (irhab) as movements perpetrated by those Muslims using religious justifications. The following document is available for use by religious leaders and their communities. While issued by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Muslim Relations, it certainly is not limited to Lutheran communities!

I hope you will find it of value.


The attached Resources for Responding to Terrorism and Anti-Islam Public Speech was prepared by members of the Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Muslim Relations and their academic and staff colleagues. The Panel is a group of Lutheran professors and pastors who advise the Presiding Bishop and periodically offer informational material.

The resource is intended to provide background for understanding terrorism, as well as for responding to the violent reactions and harsh anti-Muslim public speech evoked by recent terrorist attacks. The document and its linked resources draw very clear distinctions between the perpetrators of such attacks and the vast majority of Muslims around the world, including refugees, and certainly including our friends and neighbors in the U.S.A–many of whom are speaking out against these attacks, and doing so from the heart of their Islamic faith.

The document’s cover page is designed also to be a stand-alone handout as needed. The remaining pages offer article digests and links to statements from leaders and groups–Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and non-religious. Members of the Panel will plan to send brief updates when appropriate.

In Advent hope,

Members of the ELCA Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Muslim Relations

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