Rest, Refreshment, and Renewal 2014

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Rest, Refreshment and Renewal 2014

“The Thread that Binds: 150 Years of Women in Ministry”
is the theme for LTSP’s eighth annual
Rest, Refreshment, and Renewal Day for Women 2014
for all women, laity and clergy 

Saturday, April 12, 2014
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Registration including refreshments and lunch is $45

Register now and join us for the eighth annual event on Saturday, April 12, 2014. As part of the celebration of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia's 150th anniversary, we invite all women - clergy and laity - to renew, reconnect, and refresh physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a day of fellowship and gathering. Invite your friends, colleagues and fellow church women to share this day.

Schedule for the day:

9:00- 9:45Registration and Continental Breakfast
10:00- 10:45Morning Worship and Welcome

Pr. Amy Reumann will be bring reflections on her ministry and how she became the director of Lutheran Advocacy PA (LAMPa). There will be a morning Eucharist presided by Pr. Penny Stechmann.
11:00- 12:15

Panel presentation of women from different faith traditions who are doing something "different" in their ministries today compared to when they started. Questions include:

  1. How did you discern God's call as a "woman" in a predominantly male vocation?
  2. Were there any women in particular who may have influenced or encouraged you in your decision to go into ministry?
  3. What was the pivotal moment(s) in your life that helped you to get where you are today in your particular ministry? 

Panelists are Bishop Claire Burkat (SEPA), Rev. Audrey Moody, (COGIC), Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney (LTSP Professor and Episcopalian Priest), and Pr. Tricia Neale (Pastor, manager of "Feast of Justice" social ministry program, St. John's Mayfair, Philadelphia) 

12:15- 1:15Lunch and conversation

Bishop Tracy Bartholomew will bring greetings from the NJ Synod (ELCA). Women will have an opportunity to sign the back of the quilt, "The Thread That Binds," which will be commissioned at the closing service. Martha Reumann will be setting up a triptych of pictures and memorabilia from the days of the Ladies Auxiliary at the seminary.
1:15- 2:00 and 
2:15- 3:00
Gathering Workshops
(see the listing)
3:00- 3:45Free time

We will have a menu listing items the women can do, i.e., walk the labyrinth, knit, crochet, tie fabric bundles for Lutheran World Relief - or just chill!
4:00Closing worship with hand anointing

Gatherings include:

The Rev. Eloise Scott: Bible Stories on Strong Woman

There are many stories of strong women in the Bible. However, these women weren't all alike. What makes us call each of them "strong"? What do we share with them? Come and explore their stories with us and be encouraged and inspired.

The Rev. Dr. Karyn Wiseman: Burn-Out and Stress

Anyone feel stressed way too often? Anyone feel like they have more hats to wear than heads on which to wear them? Anyone feel like they overwork on a regular basis?

Anyone want to find a better way to deal with that stress and overwork?

The truth is that many of us, to some extent, suffer from the common issue of STRESS and the "glorification of overwork" in our culture. As women, stress often is seen differently by others and by ourselves. And these issues should be handled in particular ways that address the unique needs of our gender. In this workshop we will look at the causes of stress, a number of ways to deal with stress and overwork, and will try some practical ideas to deal with these issues in our time together.

Come to share, learn and grow together.

The Rev. Louise Johnson: Women in Leadership Roles

While there is much to celebrate, we still have a long way to go. What are the particular gifts that women bring to the table of leadership? How can we work to be sure our churches and communities benefit from those gifts? How can we support one another in leadership? Come take part in a conversation about leadership in the church. Share your own thoughts and experiences and gain insights from others about how women lead and why it’s important to the life and health of our churches.

Carol Rowehl, MAR: Walking/Praying the Labrynth

Interested in learning more about the labyrinth? Come to the second floor rotunda of the Krauth Memorial Library to hear a short introduction to the labyrinth and experience walking one.

Register now for yourself, fellow church members and friends. Registration makes a perfect gift for the women important in your life - and a gift for you, too!