A South African Athlete and Intersexuality: What Does Biblical Studies Have to Do With It?

My guest blog for the Fund for Theological Education is linked following the excerpt: My first response is curiosity. Why do the scriptures ignore the complexities and varieties of human bodies? (If they do.) But perhaps they do not. The creation narratives in Genesis are written largely to counter other Ancient Near Eastern theologies, particularly those of the Babylonian Empire that had destroyed the remnants of the Israelite monarchy and the physical manifestation of their theology – the Temple in Jerusalem. The emphasis on biological sexual bifurcation and concomitant heterosexual reproduction is the point of those stories: Israel cannot survive to once again thrive if they do not reproduce. There may be no direct acknowledgments of the realities of intersex bodies in the scriptures, but perhaps there are hints. http://www.thefund.org/nextgen/?p=270