Speakers Bureau: Brian K. Hilton

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This listing is provided by the individual listed, and each speaker, unless otherwise indicated, is not connected with The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia or the Muhlenberg 300 committee. Arrangements with speakers are between the speaker and your organization.

Brian K. Hilton    

  • Proprietor- Hail to the Chief
  • 2529 Mountain Ash Circle
  • Richmond,VA  23060
  • Phone (day) 703 304-7668
  • Phone (evening) 804 447-4654
  • Phone (cell) 703 304-7668
  • hailtothechief@comcast.net 
  • Organization: Hail to the Chief- History, Politics, Public Policy


  • Presentation Name: George Washington Remembers the "Fighting Preacher"  
  • Presentation Description: First-person interpretation of George Washington. General Washington reminisces about Muhlenberg and his contributions to the Continental Army and the achievement of independence from Great Britain.  The performance is approximately 45 minutes to one (1) hour in length/duration.  Q and A usually follows a performance. No particular setting is needed or required by the first-person interpreter.  The performer is flexible- indoor/outdoor; church or school; theater or park- it depends on what the client so desires of the first-person interpreter.
  • No technology or materials are needed by the first-person interpreter for the performance.
  • Charge for presentation (if any) $850 per performance (plus travel expenses)
  • Family/Younger Audiences, Performance 
  • Are you able or willing to preach to a congregation (if requested)? Yes