Speakers Bureau: Daniel Grimminger, PhD, DCM

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Daniel Grimminger, PhD, DCM

  • 12616 Lisbon St., P.O. Box #1
  • Paris, OH 44669
  • Phone (day): 330-257-5624
  • Phone (evening): 330-257-5624
  • Phone (evening): 330-257-5624
  • grimminger@aol.com
  • Organization: Instructor in Musicology, Kent State University
  • Presentation Title: Muhlenberg's Hymnal and Helmuth's Chorale Book
  • Presentation Description: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg is one of the most important figures in the history of American Lutheran church music. His hymnal, Erbauliche Lieder-Sammlung (1786), was the first official Lutheran hymn book printed in America and it led to the publication of the first official American choral book (1813). These two publications reared many Lutherans in the faith with a mixture of both orthodox and pietist texts/tunes. My presentation will look at these two publications in terms of how they promoted Lutheran identity and cultural retention of German Lutheranism in eighteenth and nineteenth century America.
  • The presentation could be a half an hour or more.
  • Technology needed: Powerpoint projector; piano or organ
  • Charge for presentation (if any)  I would appreciate having accommodations for the night with a seminary faculty or in a dorm room. Also, mileage reimbursement would be appreciated from Paris, Ohio (44669).
  • Lecture
  • Are you able or willing to preach to a congregation (if requested): Yes