Speakers Bureau: Dr. Jean E. Godsall-Myers

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This listing is provided by the individual listed, and each speaker, unless otherwise indicated, is not connected with The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia or the Muhlenberg 300 committee. Arrangements with speakers are between the speaker and your organization.

Dr. Jean E. Godsall-Myers

  • Address: 389 Hamilton Dr.
  • Harleysville, PA 19438
  • Phone (day): 215.933.8848
  • wittjgm@gmail.com


  • Presentation Title: Boogie, Mules, and Transatlantic Lutheranism
  • Presentation Description: What did Bugenhagen and Muhlenberg have in common? And what impact did their ministries have on the Lutherans in the USA and Germany today? Audience members are invited to consider many issues confronting the early church leaders, and then further reflect on what challenges the church today. Some humor, some history, some sharing of information and faith; an hour or so, depending on response of audience.
  • Technology needed: none
  • Charge for presentation (if any) Travel reimbursement; honorarium negotiable.
  • Hands-on/Active Participation Lecture


  • Presentation Title: Katie, Anna, and me...So who are you?
  •  Presentation Description: Three women from different periods of (Lutheran) church history converse with one another about all aspects of life. This skit is humorous, informative, and entertaining, with the intent to lead into thinking about one's own faith journey. The performers may include 2 members of your group, or three from the outside can be arranged. Similarly, additional historical commentary can be offered upon request.
  • Technology needed: Microphones if the audience is large.
  • Charge for presentation (if any) Travel reimbursement; honorarium negotiable
  • Hands-on/Active Participation Lecture