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Dr. Jon Pahl

  • Professor, History of Christianity in North America
  • 7301 Germantown Avenue 
  • Philadelphia, PA 19119 
  • 610-909-7107 
  • jpahl@ltsp.edu
  • Website: www.ltsp.edu
  • Organization: LTSP


  • Presentation Name: The Muhlenberg Matrix: Henry Melchior Muhlenberg's Ministry with Women and their Ministry with Him
  • Presentation Description: Throughout his extensive journals, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg documents continual encounters with 18th century women that illuminate in fascinating ways the problems and prospects of many early Americans. Muhlenberg's accounts also belie the absence of women from many early American church histories. Muhlenberg records how women faced economic struggles and domestic violence, and how they doubted, prayed, sang, and even questioned their pastor's theology. In this engaging multi-media presentation, Professor Jon Pahl will introduce how Muhlenberg's ministry was a matrix that reveals the struggles and joys of women from theological disputation to the savor of sauerkraut, and in ways that anticipate the ongoing presence and power of women in churches and American society today.
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  • Presentation Name: Why Religious Freedom Was Necessary, and How Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Helped it to Happen as a "Public Theologican"
  • Presentation Description: Throughout his life, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg was engaged not only as a preacher and pastor, but also as a public theologian. And on the most crucial political developments of his era - the American revolution and the place of religion in the new Republic - Muhlenberg can be depicted as a "conservative" beholden to state patronage of religion. In fact, in common with many other so-called "pietists" and their emphasis on integrating theology with everyday life, Muhlenberg helped pave the way for the disestablishment of religion. Even more, in his abhorrence of religious (and other) violence, he clarified why religious freedom was both necessary and salutary, as the public lives of his offspring also amply demonstrated.
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