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How do I send an email to students when I want to share information about a community event, etc.?

Address your email to and send as you would any other email.  That email will first be reviewed and considered by Student Services, and if appropriate will then go out to all email addresses in the student list.  Keep in mind that the list includes more than the students on campus (residents and commuters) and may be broader than you need or want.  However, at this time, it's the only way to get an email message out to all students attending classes in a given semester.   - contributed by Mary Hansen-Joyce

What is the Green Team?  And how can I get involved?

The Green Team is a committee comprised of faculty, student, staff, and administration, and it is the policy making body for all environmental issuesat LTSP.  The chair(s) of the GreenTeam are also the head(s) of the Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) and work closely with students on the ESC. The Green Team is appointed by the President of LTSP and the chair(s) of the ESC.  The Green Team's oversight includes, but is not limited to, recycling, composting, waste reduction, collaborative educational endeavors with the ESC, purchasing, conservation, worship, and campus grounds and building usage. 



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