LTSP Student Body

"In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. We, students at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) recognizing our identity in the Christian faith and living in a creative and dynamic relationship with LTSP and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the larger ecumenical community, work to enable and facilitate that witness and service to which God calls each member of our community of faith." - Constitution of the Student Body of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Welcome to the Web page of the LTSP Student Body

The mission of this Web page is to inform LTSP students of news and events related to seminary life and to provide a safe forum for communication between students and the Executive Council of the Student Body.

Please note the navigation tabs on the left.  For information regarding the Executive Council including contact information, there is a page for that!  For resources including the Constitution, Bi-laws, and meeting minutes, there is a page for that!  For the weekly announcements, there is a page for that!  For information about committees and student organizations, there is a page for that, too!  Please explore this Web page and learn about your Student Body.

Please check us out on Facebook, too.  Just search for "LTSP Student Body." 

This Web page will be managed by the secretary of the Executive Council, Lauren Blatt.  If you have an announcement, addition or suggestion for the Web page, please contact her via e-mail at  Thanks!