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LTSP Student Handbook for 2012/13

This copy of the Student Handbook is an MSWord document so that you can readily use the search and hyperlink features that are available. If you have any questions about the Handbook, please contact the Coordinator of Student Services, Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath.

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The following resources are available to assist you while here at LTSP. Outside links lead to reliable pages for the resource (subject to change by the source). Other links are on the LTSP website and are password-protected. Use your regular email login and password to access these resources.

Student forms available from this page:

(Many of these forms are also found on appropriate pages throughout the LTSP site. For forms related to academic programs, see the Registrar's pages.)

Credit Card Charge (Microsoft Word)26.5 KB
Credit Card Charge (Adobe Acrobat)24.53 KB
Payment Plan (Adobe Acrobat)18.68 KB
Release Waiver (Microsoft Word)20 KB
Release Waiver (Adobe Acrobat)2.53 KB
Monthly_Payment_Plan_Form.pdf26.21 KB
student_handbook_2012.08.23.doc480.5 KB
2013gradanntemplate.doc43 KB
2013_financial_aid_app.doc56 KB
2013_2014_request_for_disbursement.doc194.5 KB