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The TEEM Competencies Assessment and Theological Review Panel will explore with the candidate her or his understanding of Lutheran theology and commitment to the teachings of this church.  The Panel will explore with the candidate their personal aspirations for academic study [a degree] or their desire to demonstrate competencies in formation for ministry and ordination [a certificate].  Based on this assessment, a plan of study will be developed that strengthens the basic competencies needed for ministry and mission in this church and directs the candidate toward one of two tracks offered at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  

TEEM Program
7301 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119
Phone: 215-248-4616
Fax: 215-248-4577
E-mail: TEEM@ltsp.edu

In order to become a TEEM candidate, one must:

  • Complete the Candidacy Application Process
  • Receive a positive Entrance Decision from his/her synod Candidacy Committee
  • Be recommended by his/her synod bishop
  • Be accepted into the program by the Division for Ministry

The following criteria will also be considered:

  • Discernment of a call to ordained ministry within an ethnic specific, multicultural, deaf, urban or rural ministry setting
  • Prior ministry experience and a passion for mission within the context of the ELCA
  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Normally, age 40 or older
  • Candidacy steps for TEEM candidates include:
  • Initial Interview Panel
  • Entrance
  • Acceptance into TEEM by the Division for Ministry
  • Theological Review Panel

The Division for Ministry appoints a Theological Review Panel (TRP) at an ELCA seminary to assess, direct, guide, oversee and advise the candidate on a suitable program of study. Members of the panel include:

  1. Two ELCA seminary faculty members who have received the appropriate orientation and training (appointed by the seminary dean) for the Theological Education for Emerging Ministries program.
  2. The Bishop’s designated staff person and/or a member of the synod candidacy committee
  3. A Division for Ministry representative
  4. One additional member giving priority to the language and cultural background of the candidate.
  5. For lay mission developers contracted by the synod, the area Mission Director

For more information contact TEEM at
The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia 
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