The TEEM Program at LTSP

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LTSP offers two tracks for the TEEM Program.  The Degree Track is for those who already hold a bachelors degree, and leads to a Master of Divinity degree. The Certificate Track is for those who meet the criteria for admission into the TEEM Program but do not yet hold a bachelors degree.

In either track, the TEEM Competencies Assessment and Theological Review Panel’s evaluation of a candidate’s competency for ordained ministry includes assessment of an understanding of Lutheran identity as witnessed within the candidate’s context, as well as an ability to integrate the basic competencies necessary for ordained service in the ELCA.  Those include:

  • Biblical knowledge and understanding
  • Basic understanding of theology/ethics
  • Knowledge of Christianity in the United States
  • Ability to understand and communicate the teachings of the Lutheran Church
  • Evangelism/Stewardship/Worship
  • Pastoral Care skills
  • Knowledge of ELCA church polity and ecclesiology

The primary emphasis of the program will be to integrate theological education and pastoral formation in order to build a solid foundation for ministry in a missional context.

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded an LTSP Certificate in Theological Studies (TEEM).  In consultation with the student’s synod, the seminary will arrange for Clinical Pastoral Educaton (CPE) or an equivalent Clinical Practicum.  Internship or “Residency” will be arranged by the synod in consultation with LTSP’s director of contextual education.

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