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LTSP Transitions

The Librarian’s Next Chapter

Prof. Karl KruegerAfter 17 years of service at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP), the Rev. Dr. Karl Krueger has decided to retire in June 2016. Dr. Krueger began as the Assistant Librarian under the Rev. David Wartluft in 1999, and completes his service as the fourth Director of the Krauth Memorial Library and the Professor of the History of Christianity. During his tenure the library received a major makeover, internally and externally. While no longer administering the library, Dr. Krueger will continue his part-time ministry at Washington Memorial Chapel, preach and preside in congregations in the Delaware Valley when asked, and teach at the seminary as needed or available.

As he stated in his letter to President David Lose, “Know that I can only pursue this opportunity because of the courage of my church to defend the rights of LGBTQ people in ministry. It’s a new day, and I no longer need to look over my shoulder and worry that I might lose my job and/or call. Because of your stand for justice, I have meaningful options. For that I am eternally grateful. Thank you for the opportunity of serving my church and preparing leaders for ministries of Word and Service and Word and Sacrament.”

Dr. Krueger’s final public address at LTSP is entitled “Not for Our Eyes: Readers Talking to Themselves and Sometimes God.” It will showcase handwritten marginal notes in the books of some noteworthy readers. The lecture will be held in The Brossman Center. Time and date of the address and reception to “give thanks” for his work and ministry at LTSP will be forthcoming.

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