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The Weekend – #SemTalks

The Weekend

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Ever seen a TED Talk? It’s like that!
Members of the seminary community share stories and insights to get us thinking.
Each event has a unique line-up of speakers. Here are some examples from our Spring 2016 event:


Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen

Why Salvation Really Matters:
Beyond the “Get out of Hell Free” Card

Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen

Christians often give the impression both inside and outside the church that salvation is merely a matter of having your “ticket punched,” and doesn’t really make a difference or impact our lives today. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Come hear about how salvation is all about transformation now, and empowers us for a life of freedom, courage, and love.


Faith in a Field:
Agriculture as Discipleship

The Rev. Sam Chamelin

God created the heavens and the earth, but congregations often practice faith that is separated from the land. Environmental challenges have reawakened the world to the centrality of land and food to a meaningful life. What if land is also a vital part of a faithful life? Together, we’ll explore how reconnecting people to land through community agriculture can help grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Sam Chamelin


Dr. Daryl Black

Furl That Banner:
A Historian’s Thoughts on Growing Up Confederate

Dr. Daryl Black

Daryl, Executive Director of the Seminary Ridge Museum, grew up in a household where Confederate lineage was revered. This talk explores how he transformed his understanding of history and how that journey led to a new understanding about self, community, and justice.


Keep The Church Weird

The Rev. Nate Preisinger

Our society preaches the false gospel of fitting in and being cool. Even the church is not exempt from this temptation. Pastors, parishioners, and entire congregations are continually re-inventing themselves in an effort to appear hip and trendy. Rather than trying to be something we’re not, what if Christians and churches were authentic and honest about their identity as God’s creation? What if, rather than concerning ourselves with what others think, we instead lived out our lives knowing that we are loved as we are and that we are created in the image of a generous Creator?

The Rev. Nate Preisinger

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