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United Lutheran Seminary Sees Both Visible and Invisible Progress

Announces New Logotype, Official Action by Accreditors and Dept of Ed

United Lutheran Seminary Logo(March 10, 2017) United Lutheran Seminary marked both visible and invisible progress as it introduced its new graphic mark and typography today and noted recent action by two accrediting agencies and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

United Lutheran Seminary is the consolidation of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, one seminary on two campuses and offering a new creative competency-based curriculum and unprecedented levels of financial aid (full tuition to eligible ELCA full-time students).

Seminary leaders received approval for the consolidation from the Association of Theological Schools and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, two accrediting agencies that oversee theological schools and all colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, respectively.

The Seminary also received official approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the name change of the Gettysburg entity to United Lutheran Seminary as of July 1, 2017. Gettysburg’s corporate identity was chosen to ensure continuity of licensure by state and federal education departments. Seminary officials have been working with both the state and accreditation agencies since board actions initiated the consolidation in January of 2016 and were delighted to know that degree accreditation is seamless for United Lutheran Seminary.
The Logotype, a registered trademark, features intersecting and overlapping lines, allowing the logo to represent the unifying of two historic Lutheran seminaries.

The graphic designers, from Lancaster-based GO WELSH, describe the mark as using proportions from the golden rectangle as the geometric basis, applying it to the binary and overlapping characteristics of the new seminary. The designers like the golden rectangle for United Lutheran Seminary because “it is connected to the geometry found in the natural world (pine cones, sunflower seeds, etc.) and because of its historical significance in mathematics and architecture.” The process involved a small team of staff from Philadelphia and Gettysburg.

GO WELSH’s Craig Welsh described the underlying thinking behind the graphic’s “combination of rectangles (one each for Philadelphia and Gettysburg) intersecting at a right angle – forming a stylized ‘L’ which is representative of ‘Lutheran.’ The intersection of the two forms is the clearest expression of the united entity – a square.” Seminary test groups also observed an implicit if subtle image of a cross at the intersection of the graphic mark.

Simple, strong, and flexible, the new logo should serve United Lutheran Seminary well across multiple media, in print and on screens. The new school’s visual identity emphasizes the foundations and spirit of the Seminary, which will open officially on July 1, 2017.

The rollout for this branding effort will occur over the next several months, and will assist in introducing United Lutheran Seminary to the church and wider public. A work group comprised of staff members from both campuses included the Rev. Trina Johnsten, Mr. Dennis Trotter, Ms. Katy Giebenhain and the Rev. John Spangler. Questions may be directed to Katy Giebenhain or John Spangler may be directed to Katy Giebenhain or John Spangler

Logotype details (pdf)

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