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We See You

President David LoseLast week we hosted the rejuvenated Preaching Days on the LTSP campus. At the close of that event, I shared some words with those in attendance that I want to address also to you: “We see you.”

I don’t mean that in an ominous or intrusive way, and certainly not in the sense of watching to make sure you’re minding your Ps and Qs. What I mean is that we know about your faithful ministry … and are appreciative.

Whether you are serving in the parish or working at a social ministry organization, whether you are preparing an adult Bible study or getting ready for Youth Group, whether you are advocating for justice or starting a food pantry … we see you. We recognize how hard you are working, how much of yourself you pour into your ministry, and how faithful you are.

We see you. And we are thankful for you and for your ministry. We know that lots of folks also appreciate what you’re doing, but perhaps don’t always think to say so. Or perhaps they regularly say “Good sermon, Pastor,” or “That was a nice program,” but give little indication they know just how hard you worked on it.

But we know. We’ve been there, putting in the long hours, crafting words with care, making difficult decisions in challenging times. Moreover, we helped teach you, and know just how much you care about your work and how much you give yourself to whatever you do.

We see you. And we are grateful for you.

Which is why we’re working on building up our Lifelong Learning opportunities. Because we want not only to say thank you, but also to come along side you, support you, be in conversation with you to learn what you are up to, and provide resources whenever we can. Whether it’s the Convocation presentation by Tim Wengert, the lecture by James Forbes, the Ministry Resource Day, or the upcoming book discussion with Heidi Neumark, we want to be your partners in ministry … wherever you might be carrying that ministry out. So if you missed these events (Heidi’s is Nov. 11! Go here to register), catch them online. And if there are other kinds of events you’d like us to sponsor or persons you’d like us to bring to campus, let us know by emailing us at We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, while you’re working away, perhaps even wondering whether your efforts are worth it, let alone appreciated, know that we see you … and are grateful … and are eager to support you. Thank you for what you do. It really makes a difference, even at times when you can’t see it. But, even more, thank God for you and your good and faithful work.

Yours in Christ,

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