What the Office for Philanthropy does - and doesn't do

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What the Office for Philanthropy does:

  • Office for Philanthropy staffSupports the mission and strategic plan of the seminary
  • Monitors fundraising progress
  • Monitors endowment investment plan
  • Recommends gift and investment policies to Trustees via Board Finance Committee
  • Recommends and reviews outside investment advisors to Trustees via Board Finance Committee
  • Records and acknowledges gifts and pledges
  • Maintains database of alumni, donors and friends
  • Contributes income to the seminary budget   (40% of budget in FY 2013 was gift income, including Leadership Fund, grants, investment income)
  • Builds future resources through planned gifts (wills, trusts, gift annuities, insurance)
  • Builds supportive relationships with alumni, friends, partner organizations
  • Develops and carries out a program of external communications (PS, PS Portions, etc)
  • Develops and manages the Seminary Sunday and Stewards of Abundance programs

What the Office for Philanthropy does not do:

  • Determine annual endowment spending rate ( responsibility of Trustees)
  • Decide how unrestricted gifts will be used  (funds are allocated by the LTSP budget)
  • Make grants to other organizations
  • Sell assets (Only Trustees can sell real assets; Foundation may buy and sell invested financial assets as part of the investment program)

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