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Student Services

Student Services staff provide assistance for LTSP students both during and beyond their seminary career. Student Services is located on the second floor of The Brossman Learning Center in room 219, adjacent to the Enrollment Services suite. The Director of Student Services is the Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath, 215.248.6312.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

The Coordinator of Student Services is available to meet with students seeking pastoral care. For those seeking a long term counseling relationship, she can make referrals to licensed mental health providers. Though the seminary does not cover the expense of these services, therapists may provide services on a sliding scale fee basis. Please contact with the Pr. Rodrick-Schnaath for more information.

Spiritual Direction

Upon request, we make referrals to accredited spiritual directors. Our office retains a list of practicing spiritual directors with whom arrangements can be made.

ELCA Candidacy

As the seminary’s liaison for ELCA Candidacy, Pr. Rodrick-Schnaath provides information, orientation and advising for those seeking to be rostered in the ELCA. In partnership with synodical candidacy committees, seminary faculty, and the Vocation and Education Unit of the ELCA, Endorsement and Faculty Approval panels are arranged and scheduled on the LTSP campus. The Region 7 Coordinator, Rev. Peggy Wuertele also provides candidacy advising and, together with Student Services, participates in the ELCA first call assignment process. For an abundant life logo portraitoverview of ELCA Candidacy, go to Vocation – Become a Leader .

The Abundant Life Student Advising Center [ALSAC]

Along with 67 other seminaries, LTSP recently received a grant from the Lilly Foundation which focuses on lowering seminarian debt. Our particular grant was given so that we might create an advising center to empower LTSP students and their families to reduce costs and maintain healthy financial relationships.  To take advantage of the many resources ALSAC can provide, visit the Center’s website. You may also email the ALSAC staff at or phone 215.248.6377. ALSAC is located in the Brossman Center on the second floor across from the drinking fountains.

Community Council and Student Life

The Coordinator of Student Services serves as co-chair of the Community Council along with the student body president. The Community Council considers matters at the policy level affecting the entire seminary community and may bring such matters before the Board of Trustees.  Detailed information about student policies, Community Council, the governing of the Student Body and supporting committees may be found in the LTSP Student Handbook.

Disability and Accommodations

LTSP is committed to providing an environment in which all students have full access to educational opportunities and community life. To provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with either short or long-term disabilities, documented evidence of the disability and of the required accommodation is needed. To begin the accommodation process, students should complete the Disability Self-Identification Form. The Coordinator works in collaboration with the student and the faculty to determine specific accommodations.


The faculty and staff of LTSP respect the confidentiality of information that is shared with them by students. However, if a student is in immediate harm or danger to others, the seminary staff will respond as necessary.

Housing Resources

Use this Form to request a summer housing extension in Wiedemann Center or Boyer Avenue housing.

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